Wednesday, August 6, 2008

registration day


So here I sit. The babies have been fed several times, the house has been cleaned up, and dinner is in the crock pot. I even survived Nikki's registration day.

I got up this morning knowing that I needed to go buy Nikki some new tennis shoes and take her to get registered.

Nikki, Ryan and I walked over to the school and to my great surprise registration went fairly smooth. When we got to the part where we had to start to pay the fee's I told the lady that we could pay them on Friday. The lady said that I HAD to pay them today or that my daughter would not be able to get her schedule. Really, so are you just going to let this child wonder around campus for a year? I am just suppose to shit out $120?

So we moved onto the next station. That is where we are suppose to pick up Nikki's schedule, but we couldn't. So we just asked to look at it.

Nikki got into advanced geometry, and chemistry, but was so disappointed that she did not get into advanced placement world history. For whatever reason they would not let her not take a lunch. GRRR

Oh well, it looks like we will be back at the school on Friday.

We ended up at Wal mart. I hate that store. There are to many people there. I told Nikki that I had $30 to spend on Tennis shoes. We did good and were able to get two pairs of shoes!

I am so glad that someone gave us new school clothes and school shoes for Ryan.

A family from down the street asked me if they could put some moving boxes and packing material in my recycling can.

What? yes that is where they go but, I know that there was someone out there that could use them. So I told them to stack the boxes and just put them in the driveway.

I put an ad up on craiglist for free moving boxes and packing material. They were gone by night fall. The family was surprised.

I would rather see someone else use the stuff before it goes back into the recycling bin.

I have also placed an ad for all of my used body butter containers. I have a few people who want them. So I guess who ever gets here first gets them.

Last night someone gave me a box of material. I went through it and then piled it all back in the box. The box had a lot of t shirt material. I do not usually sew with t shirt material.

Today I went through the box again. The t shirt material is very boyish. That works because I still have two baby boy blankets that I still need to get done.

There was also a lot of upholstery material in the box. I will have to think on how to use it. I am sure that I will come up with something.

As for everyone that wants me to come clean. Well no you don't. I just throw everything away!


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))Thats great you got new clothes and new shooses for Ryan.Its great that you know how to budget your money on things you need like tenis shoose.I hope goes well with Nikkis school.

momiscool2 said...

Throwing away stuff or recycling it is fine lol - just get it out of my HOUSE!!!!

I'll pay for your plane ticket and meals lol.

And then you can help me with the kittens too! lol

Win win situation here!



lv2trnscrb said...

is Nikki a senior this year?? I remembered when my son was one 2 years ago, we had lots of fun fees to pay and he wasn't involved in any sports or extracurricular activities

good for you for putting things on craigslist for free; people do look for bargains this day

know anyone who needs a washer/dryer? my son might not need his with their move; their new apt comes with them (we think). I told him to go ahead and sell them but if you knew someone who needed them, I'd rather do it that way (and they are mine to begin so I can take them from him, LOL, without paying for them) only problem would be getting them over the mountain LOL


sunnyside46 said...

I a in that same boat
Caitlin can not register until I come up with 170 $...and they think public school is free
I really don't think that's legal
I hope the kids have a good year.
YOu got a good deal lon tennis shoes.

nelishianatl said...

Sounds like things went smoothly until you met that woman.

I hate WM especially after last Saturday.

I'm glad Ryan got new clothes and Nikki got new shoes too.

You are educating the public even in your neighborhood.  I'm a big Craig's list user so I would've offered it up too.  Even my Freecycle would have listed it.  But it was nice of you to say yes and then take it on.

I've just gotten my sewing machine fixed and I meant to take a picture of the pillow case for the little nap mat Katie had to have.  I made a matching pillowcase and a pillow to go with it.  Even the teachers had a fit over it this morning.  The other children only have a towel for theirs.  I did an envelope fold with a velcro closing.  You'd have been so proud of me.  

I'm off to start quilting now too.  



glensfork4 said...

I don't care how you get rid of it SERIOUSLY......just let me know when you want to come to the country!!!!

My kids started today.....I spent $288.00 yesterday out of a 303.00 do the math.....I got no bills paid this week at ALL....

But ya gotta do whaccha ya gotta do......


lurkynat said...

dear Kelli,
:) Hey two pairs of decent tennis shoes for $30? Awesome!:)
I don't know why she wouldn't let you get the schedule for Nikki either!
Can you get it later?
Cool that you got an outfit for Ryan!
love ya, natalie
p.s. nice that you got some one on one with Rusty last night!

helmswondermom said...

Oh I already knew I wouldn't want you to come clean here!  As soon as you said that you hate clutter even if you can't see it, I knew that's where we'd have the problem!  lol  No, seriously, I NEED to throw more things out sight unseen.  I am getting better at it though.  Glad you got the kids registered, but I can't believe they wouldn't let Nicky get her schedule!  I don't see what difference it would make.  I have been Freecycling a lot of things lately.  I had bought some Tide in a lemon verbena scent because Eler Beth wanted to try it and it was only $5.00 for a 48-load container.  But after the first load of clothes I knew it was too perfumy for Thomas' allergies, and to be honest I didn't really care for it.  I put it on Freecycle and had almost a dozen inquiries for it.  I gave it to the first one to contact me.