Monday, August 11, 2008

what a weekend! I had such a busy weekend. I am so glad that it is over.
Lets start with Friday. Nikki went back up to the school on Friday to try to register and they handed Nikki another line of crap. They would not even let Nikki talk to her councilor.
That was it. I am now going unleash my anger on the school system.
I walked right past every person every person that works at the school and went straight into the principals office.
I introduced myself and said "My daughter and I have been trying to get her registered since Tuesday. We could not get her i.d. because I did not have the fee money. Then we were told that she could not get her i.d. card unless we pay these fee's and without the i.d. card she can't get her classes. We came back today with the money and they told my daughter that she still could not get her i.d. and class because today was makeup day. Then my daughter was told that she could not see her councilor until school started. I would like to know what the students do when they can't afford to pay the fee's. Do they just wonder around for a year? My daughter has to see her councilor so she can get her chemistry changed to ap chemistry, and she needs her i.d. card!"
I felt so much better after I unloaded on her. Then the principle printed Nikki's classes and made an appointment for Nikki to see her councilor and get her i.d. card. I am telling you the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing!
Amber has waited around for so long that all of the classes that she wants to take are full. On top of that she has been dragging her feet on getting her financial paper work in. I swear these children are going to be the death of me.
Also on Friday I got a call from the shelter. They had two more bottle feeders and no foster homes open. I had to really think about this since I have three bottle feeders already.
I took them. These two were found in a wood stack. They are so small and malnourished. One of them will make it but we are not sure about the other one. These kittens look like something you see of Animal planet hero's. They are nothing but skin and bones. I am giving them food and love, so the rest is up to them.
Saturday Hailey and her family came up for a bbq. It was nice to get to know Haileys family.
Then I got a phone call that on of the marines was leaving in two hours! So I packed up the littlest of the babies and George and I headed to base to see this marine off.
Sunday I was so worn out. It was all I could do to keep my butt moving.
Today I am just trying to catch up on everything needs to get done around here.
I have gotten most of the house cleaned, and the laundry is still never ending. I m trying to get the black kittens to drink off of a plate, but that is not going to well. I also put a litter pan in their crate. I have sewing to do, and dinner to cook.
I have no energy to do anything.
I just keep thinking that school starts on Wednesday and I can't wait!
The tag at the top says no school yes to freedom. At least that is how my big brained friend translated it for me.
If you were a teen in the late 80's you will love this song.


lv2trnscrb said...

(((Kelli))) I'll trade your daughter and kittens for my son and his hang-on, loser friends, deal???

I'm sorry the school gave you such a hassle! doesn't seem right that Nikki couldn't even get her schedule without paying money or her ID card; ridiculous!!!

oh, throw in Amber too; so I'll take Nikki, kittens, Amber and you can have my son/friend and their wild dreams; I think actually I would be on the winning side of this trade

(I'll call you sometime later this week or maybe email you and update you with all that's going on once I know what is going on, LOL)


glensfork4 said...

I swear we could be twins....I had to go off at the H.S. in regards to my son David...UGH. I hate that crap....just do your F'N job!!! that is all it takes.


P.S. Thanx for the song......

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))I hope Nikki will be able to get into school.Sounds like you are a busy bee.That is nie of you to take the kittens in.

helmswondermom said...

I'm glad you yelled at -- I mean talked to the principal.  I hope that gets something done now.  Get some rest!

lurkynat said...

Good Job Kelli!:)
you go girl!