Friday, July 18, 2008

An awesome day

Yesterday I was sitting here at my journal. I was just staring at the screen. I had nothing planned for the day. Well other then the normal shit...clean, cook, clean, do laundry....

Then Rusty called me. He said " you know that tool that you call the tool to launch the space shuttle, well can you bring it to me? I blew a water pump on the way to work today." Um O.K.

Ryan was at school. Amber was sleeping. Nikki had just gotten up. So I yelled up the stairs "Hey Nikki do you want to go to the beach? If so grab your swim suit."

I left Amber a note that said " Nikki and I ran away, clean up the house", then we were out the door.

We got down to Rusty's work and we hung around for a little bit to help Rusty.

Then Nikki and I stopped by the farmers market and we walked around there for a while. We saw some really cool stuff! I have not been to a farmers market in years.

Then it was off to the beach. I don't know why we even bothered bringing lawn chairs but we did, so we set them up and headed down the beach.

Nikki and I took our bags and started a beach clean up day. We walked all the way down to where the river comes into the beach. Then we decided to walk up the river. We had never gone up that far before so it was so nice to go explore that are with Nikki.

This also gave Nikki and I an opportunity to talk about her summer.

While traveling back east they used a book called Mennonite your way. So while the group was traveling they would call random people from this book and stay at their homes.

How this works is, people can sign up and then everyone is published in a  book. This way you can host travelers.

So that is what the group did. Nikki said that one family had books upon books of nothing but peoples names. Every time they opened their doors they would ask the people to sign in.

Another family took in this group of 7. Nikki said they were a blast! They ended up staying with this family for four day. The family fed them and gave them whatever they needed.

I thought that was so cool.

While down in Nicaragua the group ran into a lot of conflict.

One time their bus was surrounded by people trying to break into.... while everyone was still in the bus. Another time they had to pull off the road so that they could let the communist party pass.... while the communist pary fired of gun's.

I can tell that Nikki is Rusty's child. I would have been like get me out of here, but Nikki said she just got use to it.

On our way back up the beach Nikki and I saw a group of marines training, so we sat down to watch them. There is nothing better then watching marines run, swim, and do push ups. These were some fine young men. So Nikki and I called it our entertainment for the day.

Some lady just rode a horse down our street.

Once we got back to our beach chairs we took inventory of all of our trash. We found two big pieces of rope, a shoe, water bottles that had never been opened and a ton of balloons.

Let step up on my soap box here. Balloons are nasty. They kill our sea animals. The animals think they are food and will try to eat them! Stop taking balloons to the ocean and don't release them! O.K. I am off my soap box.

On our way back through base Nikki asked if we could go see the base brig. So we went by there. Nikki thought it looked small and that no one was there! I just laughed. There are people in there trust me. After we saw the jail we headed home.

I get home to find Amber all but hurt. I wanted to go to the beach! Oh grow up and get a grip.

Today I have to get house work done! I goofed off all day yesterday, so today is hard core cleaning day. after I go up some lotion on my body. My skin is so dry from being out in the sun yesterday.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))))That must of been scary when Nikki was on that buss,I would have been scared.Glad you had a good dy with Nikki at the bech.Have a nce weekend.

lifes2odd said...

Glad you had a great day at the beach. Did you just say some lady just rode a horse down your street? It's that kind of random?! LOL! Happy cleaning today!
Martha :-)

lsfp1960 said...

Happy Cleaning...I'm still trying to get my carpet shampooed.  This machine Bob brought over here is an antique. I called around & Wal Mart has a Bissell upright shampooer that's reasonable.  I think I'll go look at it this morning.  It's cool here again today and I want to get this job done before it's back up to 90*  Linda in Washington

plieck30 said...

I think that is so great that you and your daughter would spend time picking up other people's trash. That is something I would do. In fact I did do it when we lived on the ranch I would pick up along the farm-to-market road. I didn't do it in rattlesnake season though and yes I know plastic is bad for the animals. We have to be careful to despose of the plastic twine off the big hay bales. Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

that will teach Amber to sleep in, LOL!!

so glad you and Nikki had an awesome day!! sounds like a great one!! I'm thinking you went down south to a beach; bet it was nice!!

what adventures Nikki had!! maybe she should write them down or keep a journal and then write about them later into a book/story form


helmswondermom said...

It sounds like you and Nikki had a blast, and I'm glad you ran away for the day.  Did Amber clean the house?? lol

springangel235 said...

Sounded like a great day at the beach...the clean up job  was a good thing!
Hugs and love,

gehi6 said...

Sounds like a productive day to me, fun and cleanup.  You are a lady after my own heart.  Everywhere I go I see litter that bothers me.  A little bit of pride in what our streets look like would be nice.  And GUM. That is my pet peeve. I never realized people were so irresponsible with gum.  Just throw it down and make a black spot once the dirt gets in it.  And down town is looking so clean and pretty now with all the building.  Sheriff Arpaio has had the inmates cleaning the litter up the freeways and streets for some time. People in here litter in the elevator even if they think no one's looking.  What people won't do if they think noone's looking!  Gerry  

lurkynat said...

wowie Kelli! you had a very busy day!I'm thrilled that you two got to talk on the beach. Gee weren't you a bit scared for her even if she is Rusty's child?
I'm so glad that she is home safely and doing great! You're a great mom!