Sunday, December 10, 2006


Last night was another bad night for Rusty. We had gone to sleep and I heard it start raining, so I was going to get up and go check to see if the roof was leaking. When I went to get up he pushed me back down on the bed and told me to stay down. I lay ed their for a few moments and then tried again. Once again I was pushed back down on the bed and told to stay down.

This morning I asked Rusty how he slept and he said not to well. I told him that he had another episode last night. He just looked at me and asked what he did. When I told him he was relieved that he did not hurt me.

Dealing with P.T.S.D. can be stressful at times. Rusty only does things when he is sleeping. So far I have been punched, kicked and bit. One time I woke up and he was standing over me with his arm drawn back. This is just another obstacle in life that we will have to get through together.

This morning a friend called me and asked me if I could give her a ride to go do laundry. I told her no, but instead that I would pick her up, and that she could do her laundry here, as well as take a shower. She is homeless and doing the best that she can. I really like helping her because she is trying so hard to get her life together and she usually does not ask for help.

Yesterday Nikki and I went up to the store and we were only going to pick up a few items. The boy scouts were out front and they were handing out pieces of paper asking people to buy some of the items on the list and that they would give them away to needy families for Christmas. I went and got the items that we needed and I told Nikki " we only $6 left so lets see what we can find" We found pasta and sauce on sale. We found canned vegi's on sale. We were able to get a lot of stuff for six dollars!

On the way out we handed the bag to the boy scouts and as we walked away one of them said these people gave us a lot. We just smiled. Nikki asked me how come the lady behind us could only give a can of fruit, but she had a four dollar cup of coffee?

Rusty called me a little while later and asked if I knew anyone who could use a turkey. The vfw had some left from Thanksgiving. So we took some down to the boy scouts. It felt good to watch their faces light up.

Today I am not going to be doing much. I have to work tomorrow, but I do not have to start until 9:30 and I think the job is only for four hours. Well at least it is work and since I know people who are getting laid off I am not going to complain.


beckerb6 said...

It really does feel good to help others. I will keep the situation with Rusty in my prayers.

cgtperkins said...

You are so awsome!! The world needs more people like you and your family!!!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

I will keep Rusty in my prayers. Too bad there aren't enough people like you and your family in this world! :o)

zoepaul6968 said...

my mum sufferes from ptsd and i know it takes away a little bit of the person,but it can get better,im not sure if it ever goes away though,poor rusty,and in answer to your question,yes the phones are working fine here in the UK,lol,what can i say? Call his brother and tell him to phone at christmas,what have you got to lose? I would lol,take care zoe xx

gehi6 said...

I was very wary of my first husband when he was asleep, as he was a real mental case on alcohol.  Does Rusty do any serious drinking?  I once jumped out to scare him as a joke, and I almost got hit full force in the face with a fist.  I never did that again.  A veteren once slept upstairs where we girls also slept.  He ranted and raved all night in his sleep, scaring us so bad we pleaded with our mother to let him sleep somewhere else.  He really had it bad, but those coming out of terrible battles just aren't going to be able to prevent some of this fallout.  Sorry you are having a rough time financially this Christmas.  I can remember some mighty lean Christmases, too.  But the important thing is that you are alive and getting through it.  You have a strong spirit. I certainly appreciate your steady responses to my writing. I think you are the sort of person who once a friend is always a friend.   Gerry

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli,
I love your fighting spirit! you should ahve your own tv talk show to motivate peopel to do good!