Friday, December 15, 2006

odds and ends

So yesterday morning I took a bath and then went to do my hair. I was standing there in my birthday suit when I realized that I have one boob bigger then the other. I would not mind this so much, but the bigger boob sags more! I just put a bra on so that I did not have to see them.

The other night I was telling a girlfriend that we are going to go get our tree this weekend. We have not bought a tree in so long that I am not sure what a good price is!

christmas 2005 - A friend bought us one because we did not have the time since we were trying to make all the arrangements for Rusty's mom.

christmas2004 - Another friend bought us one because she got such a good deal on hers!

christmas 2003 - I used a damn fake tree. The tree was stored in the rafters in the garage and after the came falling to the ground, so did I. I broke my tail bone. The children duck taped the tree together, because I was in to much pain to help them and they could not figure it out. Rusty was in Iraq.

christmas 2002 - This was my in laws first christmas back in the states and my father in law bought the tree.

Ryan was running a 103 fever yesterday when he came home from school! Poor little guy looked so bad. This morning he is doing great. I gave him so more med's and sent him to school.

I was asked what I was going to cook for Christmas dinner and what gifts I was going to buy. I usually cook a ham and made scalloped potatoes. We do not sit down as a family and eat. I just let everyone kinda eat as they want to.

I am not sure about the gift buying this year. We are caught up on the bills, but we do not have a lot of extra money. I did buy the girls some new winter coats, but I bought those back in fall. I have asked some organizations for help, but I do not know what they are going to buy. I will not be able to buy Rusty anything, but that is o.k.

Some how I know that there will be presents under the tree, and that is all that really matters.

I have some stuff to get done around here, and then I have some running to do. I hope everyone has a great day!


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad Ryan is feeling better, I just have a small fake tree in my apartment here, your Christmas dinner sounds great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

nelishianatl said...

I know how it is having really young children at home and struggling like that.  It hurts a lot.  We are going to do our tree this weekend.  I am making what gifts I am giving.  That's my only choice.  I'm so sorry.  I wish you could hibernate until it's all over too.  

rtgilmore34 said...

I'm doing the fake tree this year too.  My neighbor bought a 7 foot tall noble fir this year at Home Depot for $38 and that's a bargain.  I hate strapping the damn thing to the roof of a truck since I do not have a pickup any longer.  My right boob is bigger than my left boob.  You only REALLY notice it when you look into a mirror reflecting off another mirror.  Weird.  I want a boob job on one boob...LOL!!!

springangel235 said...

Fake tree here for the last 5 years...real tree next year, I hope...
Praying Ryan feels better soon...hate fevers!  Hugs and love,

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli
i love that graphic ! beautiful! how old is Ryan? I am glad he is feeling better!
love you, natalie
ps I am so sorry yuo broke your tail bone that time... ouch! gee whiz! I hope thigns are very smootha nd pleasant this year