Sunday, December 17, 2006

a sign of the times

So today I took Rusty to the air port and on the way down there the song Joy to the world came on. So I sat there and just sang along with the radio. When the song ended I told Rusty that a few days ago Hark the Harold Angel came on the radio. Amber was sitting next to me just staring at me and not believing that I knew the words to the song. When I was growing up we sang these songs in our Christmas programs at school. Guess what...... NO ONE cared! I think our children are missing out by not knowing the classic Christmas songs.

I found out today that two teachers at my daughter high school were arrested for lewd acts with children. then click on the first picture.

Santa called and stopped by today. I never told anyone this..... not even Rusty. One day I was feeling so down, so I wrote Santa a letter. I just told him everything. Well I got a phone call today and the gentlemen was right outside my door. He said that someone at the post office was helping Santa out and they told him that we could use some food. This gentlemen had a trunk full of bread and baked goods. He told me to take everything that was in the trunk! I actually have more bread then I can ever eat before it goes bad. So I am giving the bread out to other people I know who can use it.

I guess those letters to Santa are getting read!

Then a lady called me and told me that she was our children's secret Santa. And she sound like she was having a blast out there shopping.

I was so happy that I just wanted to cry!

Oh check this out. I had gotten off the high way so that I could use the restroom. There was a guy standing there holding a sign that said stranded....need gas.

I looked all through my purse, but I had no money, But I did have $10 left on a fast food card. I walked up and told that I had no money to give him for gas, but would he like a free meal. He said " I will never turn down food" I just love making people smile.


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, your kindness made me smile, I'm glad you got some kindness back, the world needs more people like you !!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

cgtperkins said...

There should be more Kellis in the world!!!
Hugs and Kudos to you

lifes2odd said...

See what I mean about you helping others! What comes around goes around!Martha :-)

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli
thta's totally amazing! so secret Santa broght a bunch of baked goods! did he bring the kdis some thing? awesome story

lurkynat said...

hiya Kelli! I love your graphic artists!I think you're would be so great if more kids knew some traditional holday songs for Christmas, Channukah and for Easter and Passover. To be honest it would eb great if they would leanr a couple of Asian songs as well!

nelishianatl said...

And this is why you'll never be left alone to fend for yourself.  You keep giving.  You keep receiving.  I am believing for you a huge harvest of everything you've sown into other people's lives.  GOD BLESS YOU and hang on.  Everything will resolve itself.  

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli
this is such a wonderful entry! I love it!