Monday, December 4, 2006

good day

Well yesterday I sold my bear claw bath tub and then a gentleman called me asked me to work for him! Then when I got home from work there was actually a child support check!

Money is still very tight for us, but all of this windfall has helped out so much. I must admit that I still don't think that we will be able to buy anything that is on anyone's list.

Carrie, Amber said that she would come out and help you if you took her to Dolly Wood! LOL

Amber got mail from the National Guard today. Rusty and Amber had a long discussion about joining the military. Rusty does not care if she joins but he wants her to join because she wants to.

Nikki has this stupid map project due in a few weeks. To me it seems like a bunch of busy work and according to her teacher we do not know anything, because nothing is right unless it comes from their book. Whatever! I sometimes think that teachers need to get off their high horses and realize that they and their books are not always right. Anyway, there will be no eating at the table tonight! LOL

I am glad that I put dinner in the crock pot this morning. I am so worn out and I do not want to cook! So tonight it will be Swiss steak and mashed potatoes. Quick and easy, and that is the way that I like it!

My mom made it through the storm and she said that they did not get hit that bad. I am glad that she is o.k. The farmers almanac said that it was suppose to be a very bad winter. I am wondering if they are going to be right.

Right now I am in a happy place. Nikki has her music on really loud and is asking us for help. Amber does not have to work tonight, so it looks like we will all be hanging out tonigh.

Life is good.


nelishianatl said...

You are just being blessed because you are so good to other people!  It's coming back around to you!  Family evening sounds so great.  I miss that badly.  My girls are up and gone in no time, my son too.  Now it's only up to me to make the noise.  I get lonely sometimes.

rtgilmore34 said...

I am happy and sad for you all at the same time when it comes to the bear claw tub.  I remember how jazzed you were when you stumbled across it because you had always wanted one so bad.  Then, on the flipside, I'm glad you made a profit on it, because you got it for next to nothing...LOL.  My sister Jeanette, who lives about 40 miles north of your mom sent me some pictures of their snowfall the day before yesterday.  Did I forward them to you?  If not, I will.  I miss your swiss steak.  You are the only person who ever cooked me a swiss steak. Never heard of it before then.  I think it's a midwest meal, ha?  Remember corn casserole?  I haven't had one of those since we were rotting in Indiana...LOL.  
Peace out sista!!

cgtperkins said...

Dollywood it is..........I have never been and I am sure my daughter would love it as well!!! Glad your mom is ok after the storm! I woke up yesterday morning and it was 19 degrees......bbrrrrr!!! I dont think it ever got over freezing, but today it was like 55??? Go figure. Have a good evening!

lurkynat said...

greetings from natalie!  It sounds like the assignment was hard and silly! nods yes I've seen many like that... I hope that everyone is ahving fun this month sdespite so much going on!
hugs and Best Wishes