Saturday, December 2, 2006

better butter

 This is butter. Butter is a dog that we did foster care for. When we got him, we were told that he was mean and could not be trusted around other animals or children. We were also told that no one could be in the room while he was eating.

We took Butter in and the only problem we did have was when he was eating. We have had Butter for about six months now, and he has turned out to be the best dog!  On the second night that we had Butter he jumped up into the bed and just went to sleep. My husband said that we had to keep him. Butter has done so well. He no longer guards his foods, he is scared of the cats and he loves children. Butter still does not like to share his toys, until last night. I was so shocked that he came up to me and wanted to play tug a war!

In case you have not guessed I am an animal lover!

Today was a little bit better. I got some laundry done and did some little things around the house. I am just feeling so down and I don't want to do anything.

My back was hurting so bad last night that I took two of my husbands tylonel5. ( they have codine ( however you spell that word) in them) That was the best high I have ever had! I had a dream that I falling and that I could control the speed of my fall. I even felt the wind hitting my body. Then I fell out of bed. I got back in bed and started dreaming again. This time I was dreaming of sex. In my dream I said " hey if you want to have sex now is a good time since I am in a good mood, but hurry before I change my mind!" I thought it was real, but once I asked my husband he said no we did not have that conversation.

I need to make Amber an appointment to go to the doctors. She has had her period for a month now. I am wondering if we should put her on birth control just to regulate her cycle. I guess we will see what the doctor has to say.

I think I am going to go knit.


rtgilmore34 said...

You must really love this dog.  This is your second journal page about him, picture and all.  He's cute.

cgtperkins said...

Im really glad Butter has turned out to be such a good pet! I love it when that happens. And yes, send the girls anytime..........I have been soooo lazy today!!

beckerb6 said...

I am glad that Butter turned out to be such a good dog, and that he got a chance in a home with love.

lifes2odd said...

Butter is a real cutie, glad things worked out.
Just getting caught up here for the week. Sounds like you have been working way too hard! Hope you were able to get some rest this weekend.
Hugs, Martha :-)

zoepaul6968 said...

Hi hun,when i take codeine i get hallucinations,lol,maybe it was a bit like that for you too,try ibuprofen its a muscle relaxant not a painkiller,maybe thatll work,toodles zoe xx

proudmrsk said...

Butter is adorable!!

~Mrs. K

proudmrsk said...

Butter is adorable!!

~Mrs. K

lurkynat said...

wow Kelli! Is your back any better?
hugs! best Wishes on Getting better! I love animals too!Isn't that funny that they said that your dog would ahve problems and he did not?!
:):) he sounds great! thaks for agreat entry!

gehi6 said...

Cute dog, and what an adorable graphic this kitten one is.  I didn't realize I hadn't been to your blog for a while.  So glad I felt well enough to get over here!  Gerry