Saturday, December 9, 2006


So last night I was telling Rusty about this guy I work with. He has a brand new car and he is having nothing but problems with it. Rusty asked what type of car it was and I told him. Rusty said " I was thinking about buying you that car next year if this job works out"

What? I just looked at him like a deer looks at head lights. I told Rusty that I did not want a new "family" car. The one we have is paid for and it runs. He says yes but you need a new car. I said no I do not NEED a car. The next car I want is my dream car. He said o.k.

I think I hurt his feelings. With the children getting older and being able to drive and care for themselves I don't want a car that we can use a family car. I want a little to seated Porsche! LOL Rusty is such a doll to all ways be thinking of me.

The other day we got a Christmas card in the mail and it had an over seas stamp on it. I opened it up and it was suppose to be for Rusty's mom. Rusty just looked at it. We are approaching the one year mark of Rusty's mom death.

That night we were laying in bed and Rusty asked me if there were phone lines in England. I said yes there are. Then it hit me. Rusty would really like to hear from his brother, even if his brother has hurt him.

For all of the new readers of my journal. Rusty has a brother in England, and he did not come back to when his parents died. Rusty and I did everything. Rusty's brother did call and ask for half of everything. Rusty told his brother that if he wanted half to come get it, but to also bring money because he wants him to pay for half of the bills since his parents had no life insurance and we paid for everything!

I feel so bad for Rusty.

Last night Nikki asked if she could go spend the night at a friends house. We said yes. Then we get a phone call from the other girls mom. It turns out the girls had pulled a fast one on us, and we at a football game that they were not suppose to be at.

So Rusty and this girls dad went up to the game. The women working the gate would not let the guys in, so Rusty called for a police escort into the game! Nikki and her friend were pulled out of the crowd by their fathers and the police!

Nikki is on lock down. School and home will be only activities for a while. We do not mind Nikki going to the games, but she was not truthful with us, and that is what got her in trouble.

We went through this with Amber a few years ago and you would think that Nikki would have learned but I guess not.

Anyway, I am going to go hit a yard sale and then start cleaning up the house.


seraphoflove9001 said...

If I were to get another car again, which I highly doubt it...thats what I would get too...something for me! :o) No more cars to taxi everyone around in! :o) I'm sorry about Rusty and his brother as well. I do hope things work out.

nelishianatl said...

I am so sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I am catching back up.  Your husband is so sweet and so very thoughtful.  Your teenage daughter wouldn't be let out of the house again until she is 30.  How rude!  I really hate to hear how badly Rusty's family treated him but then again, I know first hand that family will treat you worse than a stranger sometime.  And on behalf of the girl that you helped, I want to say thank you too, because as you probably know, I got in trouble that way myself earlier this year and would have appreciated the kindness and non judgement from you.  A very good heart you have.  So sorry about your finances right now too, but the way you treat other people, I know for a fact that it comes back to you, so I believe BIG for God to bless you richly.