Tuesday, April 4, 2006

all of the children

Yes we now have six children in our home. Actually they got here Sunday night, but they were sleeping when they got here.

Monday went so well. I just told all of the boys to go out back and play with butter. The our girls snatched up miss Becka and she was so happy. Miss Becka loves to hang out with the big girls, because Amber will paint her nails and Nikki lets her watch dvd's on her computer.

Rusty had to go get some blood drawn today, because he has a doctors appointment on Monday. We are hoping that his cholesterol and blood pressure will down enough that they can cut his meds. However we have not hit the one year anniversary of his heart attack yet, so who knows.

Well the children are watching a movie, so I am going to go get some stuff done while they are not running around.

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jules19642001 said...

you are so brave looking after all those children, but I would do the same in your shoes..............Jules xx