Monday, April 24, 2006


Well I am back from Vegas and we had a blast! Here is a short list of things that I have learned.

1. When you are driving to Vegas and it is 85 degrees out side, and you leave an unopened can of soda in the sun.... and then your husband slams on the breaks, and the can hits the window. Well yes it will explode.

2. Just because a town has the worlds biggest thermometer, does not mean that your husband wants to stop to see it.

3. Someone must have done this! In the hotel room, up on the ceiling there were some sprinkles. Well right next to the sprinkles was a stickers that said we are not suppose to hang hangers on the sprinkles. How tall was that man?!

I am sooo happy to be home. I did actually miss everyone, right down to the critters. I just do not like being away from everyone.


To everyone out there who knows Jason and Jacinda.... well today is the big day! They are inducing labor today and that means that this will be my first "grandchild"!

Out of all the marines I have adopted I never expected Jason to be the first to have a baby.

I wish them all the best and I cannot wait to hold the baby! I will let everyone know the stats when I get them!


jules19642001 said...

wb and gald you had a good time. Hope the baby delivery went well.............Jules xx

rtgilmore34 said...

Did the sprinklers sprinkle you?  LOL!  I'm glad you had a blast.  I won't ask you what you did in Vegas because whatever happens....
Love ya's!!!