Sunday, April 9, 2006

to cool


So last night I went with Rusty to this vfw meeting. It was a dinner for the new incoming officers! Which means our year is almost over! LOL

Anyway, there was a local native American tribe there who was doing a blessing of the people, and cleaning the spirits around people.

I do have native American ( Indian) blood in me, but I have never done this before. So went and got cleansed! It was really cool. They burn sage and do these chants. The chants are really cool. First they put the burning sage and feathers by your head to clean the evil spirits so that you cannot think evil thoughts. Then they put the stuff by your eyes so that you see no evil and that you only see the good. Then they put it over your mouth so that you only speak good and not evil. Anyway it was just really interesting. I guess that is one more thing I can add to the list of new things I have tried.

So one the way up to this meeting I asked Rusty what they were serving for dinner. He said well it will most likely be chicken.

Then we sit down to eat and they bring out this big chunk of prim rib that was so rare I could do c.p.r. on it! So Here I sit. I am looking at this plate of food. O.K. I hate meat, so eating the prim rib is out. Oh look there is corn! No I can not eat that since the blood from the meet is all in the corn. Oh look there is a baked potato... that's right I hate potatoes! However the roll was good.

today I am going to go to work. I am so counting down the days until I am done with work.

Our son Ryan has issues. No big deal there. However I often get sick and tired of trying to figure out what is wrong when he is crying. So I wake up last night and I hear a child crying. So I wake Rusty up and tell him that Ryan is crying. Rusty goes in to Ryans room and Ryan tells Rusty that nothing is wrong. So Rusty comes back to bed. Then about a 1/2 hour later this happens again! Ryan once again says nothing is wrong. Now Rusty is getting pissed. So the next time Rusty just tells Ryan that he needs to stop his damn crying and do something!

I just laid in bed and laughed. I use to be the one to get up and deal with all of this, but I was told that I need to have patience and control. HMMMM.... I guess it is harder then Rusty thought!

I need to go get ready for work.



rtgilmore34 said...

Is he crying in his sleep?  Hmmm...that's odd.  Just a phase.  Kids are so bizarre sometimes.  The Native American spiritual cleansing sounds so cool.  You gotta have a fresh, open mind.  Some people don't and they miss out on so much in life.
Love ya,

jules19642001 said...

the native indian thing sounds really interesting...........Jules xx