Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So the last two day's have been so busy for me. I worked an ass load of hours and I took today off. Then about 4:30 this morning I heard someone throwing up. Keep in mind I had only been in bed for an hour! Anyway I could tell where the sound was coming from....hmmmm.... it was coming from both bathrooms! The girls and Rusty are all sick and throwing up!

So here I sit with almost no sleep and wondering what to do. Both of the bathrooms need to be cleaned. There are stacks of dirty clothes, and a messy kitchen to clean up. I am so worn out and I do not have the energy to do any of this stuff!

I was suppose to go work some today, but I do not see that happening. I am picking up some extra hours, since this month we have, Easter, Nikki's birthday and we are buying the tickets for my parents to come out.

Anyway, I need to get started on something.

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jules19642001 said...

hope everybody feels better soon............Jules xx