Sunday, February 11, 2007

lazy sunday

I finally got some sleep last night and I got to sleep in until 8 a.m.. That is when my cell phone started ringing. One of our friends from Iraq called. He is doing good and is just waiting to come home! We should have four more people coming home in March.

I drug Rusty out to the store with me so that he could do all of my heavy lifting. Rusty just hates shopping, but he did it for me.

I really do not have a lot planned for today. I need to have Ryan do his valentines for school, and I am thinking about finally sewing my quilt together. I had to stop working on it when My leg and back started bothering me. I think I can handle sitting long enough to get it done.

So Rusty has to work the gun show in Las Vegas over St. Patrick day. I am thinking about going with him, but then I am thinking about what I would do all day. I have been to all of the big casinos, I am not a great gambler, and I am not sure what else there would be to do. I was thinking about doing some research and maybe finding one of their local animal shelters and seeing if I could go volunteer for a day. I just want to do something different then look at all the casinos. Any ideas?

I am going to go do nothing. We are getting some rain and I am loving it, so I am not bummed about not getting out of the house.


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, enjoy your lazy Sunday, Hugs Lisa

lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli,
hugs! I think that is agreat idea! The shelters always love help!
I would liek to help out in the hospitals but you have to give thme a huge hunk of time I don't have. You are awesome Kelli! youare alwasy thinking of your family friends and your community! Good for you! I love animals too!