Monday, February 19, 2007

be still

Right now the only sound I can hear is the dryer and my fingers hitting the key pad. Right now I am in a very happy place.

First thing this morning I got a phone call from one of our friends in Iraq. He has his return date! I was so happy to hear that. The boys are coming home. Yes they will be home, here in the safety of our house. I cannot wait to just give everyone a hug. Life is good.

Then I got another phone call from Iraq. This time it was Beth. She had just gotten her return date! Yes, she will be coming home! She will also be here in the safety of our home. I am so jazzed that she is coming home. I have a special shopping trip planned for her. All of us girls are going to take her out and help her shop for some new clothes. Beth so wants to look like a female and not just one of the guys.

Last night everyone was sitting on our bed and on the floor of our bedroom watching the amazing race. Then someone said " you know there is a t.v. in the living room, so why do we have 6 people in here?" Who knows. All I know is that it was fun.

Kevin and his friend Dustin ended up not going snow boarding because they did not want to go buy chains for the truck. So they took all of the children to the mall and then out to the movies.

It is cold and rainy here today, so our surfing idea went out the window! But that is o.k. I do not think that I am even going to get dressed today. I think a day of not getting dressed is a good thing.

Yesterday a lady knocked on our door and asked Amber if she was selling the sofa on the porch. So Amber said yes. The lady gave her $30 for it. Then she asked if she could see what else we were going to put out at the yard sale. The lady ended up buying to more items! Amber made $55 so far and we have not had the yard sale yet! LOL

Well, I am going to go straighten up the house a little bit and then chill out. My butt is hurting today! LOL now everyone needs to get their minds out of the gutter. Several years ago I broke my tail bone, and for some reason it hurts today.

OH! I was helping Amber move the trash cans. I did not put the lid up I just grabbed it and started walking. Well, I slipped, the trash can fell and I ended up doing the splits! Amber and I are laughing so hard! I on the ground in the splits and she is standing over me trying to help me up, but we were laughing to hard. I did finally get up, and said  "well Rusty will be glad that I can still move like that!"


helmswondermom said...

I am so happy for your friends.  I hope their trips home are safe.  I wish they could all come home safely.  Way to go to Amber!  Hope this is a sign of how well her yard sales are going to go!

beckerb6 said...

Way to go Amber! I bet you doing the splits was funny am glad you guys got a good laugh out of it. It is so good that your friends are coming home. I hope the shopping trip is a blast. When is she going to be at your house?

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))It is so good to laugh,I think everyone needs a good laugh now and than,no I think everyone needs to have a laugh everyday.My mind wasnt in the am glad everyone will be comming home saftly.Does that mean they all are comming home?Or is it just your family?But that is great.I wish they all would just come home.Have a nice evening and enjoy your lazy day.

mrsm711 said...

Return dates from Iraq.  I hope we hear more of that.  good for Amber on the sale of her things.  My son is snowboarding tomorrow.  He goes with a a group from school on a bus.  :)     Tracy

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, nice to hear you are happy, glad your boys are coming home soon, cool about your neighbor buying stuff early,havew a good Tuesday friend, Hugs Lisa