Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hey cinderella!

Well I did it! I joined my two teenagers together. They actually pulled together and got the kitchen scrubbed down! I told them that if they ever pull a stunt like they did yesterday that they would get more the just a bitch slap!

I must have done something right, because Amber and her boyfriend went to see Nikki in her play! Oh Nikki is Cinderella in the play. The play is part of a series called "true love waits"

I went back down help Ray again. I just cannot believe how much stuff their is to do! So I am going back tomorrow. The only thing we have left to do tomorrow is clean and go to the dump. The cleaning part should be easy since there is nothing in the house.

I felt a little bad for not being home this week, for not cooking dinner all week, and for not keeping up on the laundry. Then I thought about it. I no longer feel guilty because ray is leaving on Saturday, so I know that I will not see for a while. I will do all the other stuff next week. I would rather spend these last few days with our friend. Even if it is just cleaning.

Today was another first for me. Today I saw the osprey flying. I drove by the air strip and there they were just flying around. I am not into aircraft, but it was cool to see. So I can add that to me list of first for this year! I just tried looking back through my journal because I know at time I had a list going of all the new things I have done so far this , but I can't find it. Oh well, I will just make a list and keep it on the cork board.

Well everyone, I am going to go scrub the tub and then take a shower and go to bed. right now life is crazy, but it is good.



lisa41076 said...

Kelli, Have a good Thursday, how cool Nikki played Cinderella in a play, Hugs Lisa

magran42 said...

You ARE doing a lot of things right!  Bravo to you for staying strong with those girls.  They will really appreciate the effort and time you take to show how much you love them.  Of course this appreciation will only be shown later....when they are grown with children of their own!   Life may be wild but my advise is....HOLD ON TIGHT AND ENJOY!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad your girls got it right and I hope they will start behaving this time.I am sorry that your friend is leaving.That would of been neat to see all the planes flying around.I hope you have a nic day and get some rest.

lurkynat said...

hi Kelli!:)
Sounds like you did a great job with those kids!Way to go!
I totlalyagree wiht you; spending more time wiht your friend Ray is so much more important! way to go again!
Hey the graphics are fetching! so you like Cinderella eh?:) love,nat