Friday, February 9, 2007

feeling good

I am feeling so much better today. I did not make it through the night, But I did only get up once for to take some pain pills!

I have been doing some research on back pain, and I am so not hip on "traditional" ways of fixing the problem. I am starting to do some exercises to help strength the back muscles and I am thinking about having acupuncture done. I am not sure of anyone around around here that does it, so I will have to ask at the hippy store.

Then there is this little problem that I have with needles. I am so scared of them! I use to pass out if I saw a needle, even if it was not heading for me! LOL I guess now is a good as time as any to over come my fear.

Today I am going to venture out of the house. I am going to attempt to get my nails filled, drop off some candy, and pick up my vacuum. Now that is my wish list. I do not know how far I will actually get!

Rusty is so warn out! he has to work all this week and then he has to work the gun show this weekend and then turn around and work all of next week! I know that me being sick has not helped him any. I just wish I could do more for him.

My family was so happy that I cooked dinner last night! So I am trying to think of something to cook for tonight. I have chicken pulled out, and it must be quick and easy, because standing for to long does still hurt! LOL

Any way, I hope everyone has a great day! I know my day will be great even if I do not do to much. It is so nice just to be out of extreme pain!


magran42 said...

Acupuncture did good for my husband's back but since he was expecting a "instant return to his youth" he didn't go back for more. (It's a man thing)  I know one thing for sure....I'd exhaust all nontraditional ways before I allowed a knife to touch me.  Just think....needles vs. knives?  A no brainer!

The good ole crock pot was made for days like these.  I throw in frozen chicken pieces and 4 hrs later... wa la..B-B-Q chicken, chicken and gravy, lemon pepper chicken....whatever strikes my fancy.  

mrsm711 said...

Maybe a little fresh air will do you good today.  (And getting you nails done may perk you up a littel)  :)     Tracy

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad you are feeling better, enjoy your weekend, Hugs Lisa

lurkynat said...

Dearest Kelli
If you can please do a ton of researhc in yuor area to find an Excellent Accupuncturist! They really helpa ton if you get a good one!
A good one has people willing to testify to a strenger on how they have been healed !
Kelli the needles Do Not Hurt! Thyeare soooo tiny! thye look way smaller than very small sewing needles!

helmswondermom said...

Eeek! What a picture! lol  I don't know if I could handle the acupuncture, either, and I'm not even afraid of needles!