Friday, September 12, 2008

friday already?

Yes it is Friday, but I am not sure where this week went.

Amber is over the accident and has made some good choices. Amber decided to have this gal take her car to a little place that we go to. It look's like it is going to cost Amber a lot less to get the car's fixed. I am proud of Amber for using her head and for starting to really think things through.

Amber also applied for a job at the ups store and they interviewed her yesterday. Today she has to talk to another manager. Amber is going to try to work both jobs until after the fist of the year and then after the first of the year she will put in her two notice at her retail job.

Nikki has been trying like hell to get all of the paper work done, and is now looking for a job.

The weather has been very cool here and I have just been loving it. I am usually a hot weather type of person, but man this year it has been way to hot. Not to mention that my electric bill needs a break.

Linda brought up a good point yesterday about my plastic bag fetish. I will not go to the store and use a plastic bag....ever. It is hit or miss with the girls.

Rusty is another issue. He loves his plastic bags. Under my sink is just full of plastic bags. I use them in trash cans and I do use them to scoop cat poop. When the bags start to really take over I will take them down to the recycling place.

I told Nikki to ask Aaron if he and the guys needed anything. Nikki came home the other day and said "Mom they do not even have a shower curtain, they have nothing for their trailer."

So yesterday while Amber and I were at the 99 cent store I stocked up their bathroom. We got them a shower curtain, a toilet brush, bathroom cleaner, tp, liquid hand soap, bar soap, deodorant, and some q tips. When we got home I had Amber dig out some shower curtain rings, and I dug out a bathroom trash can, and some bathroom rugs.

Then it hit me. If these boys did not even have a shower curtain were they even wiping? I was so glad that I bought them tp.

Amber said that she had to laugh at me. If I ever see people throwing away useful stuff I will pull it out of the trash. Well, the rugs and and the trash can can from the trash. I just washed everything up and they were fine. i guess it goes to show that ones mans trash is one mans treasure. It also proves that you can reuse stuff or give the stuff away instead of throwing the stuff way.

I do not really have a lot to do today. It will be so nice to just take my time and do whatever I need to do and not have to be on a schedule.



deshelestraci said...

Keep talking about the plastic bags.  I have to remember to use my reusable bags!  You keep jogging my memory.

plieck30 said...

When I lived alone and came home at night I would look behind the shower curtain. lol No one was ever there. You are such a helpful person. I'm sure they appreciated the bathroom stuff especially the TP. Paula

lanurseprn said...

I should take some in my car with me. I usually go shopping at the spur of the moment so if they were in my car I could use them.  
I gotta give you credit for always recycling things. I don't ever go looking for things that people throw away. We have a guy that always checks our trash in the middle of the night. He takes out cans and bottles if there are any. Usually there are in our recycle container.
Enjoy your restful day.

lv2trnscrb said...

I use the plastic bags for picking up after Koda on our walks; if I get too many, I recycle them too

Good for Amber with UPS; I guess she told my kid to go apply there too; I thought that was nice of her; I'm hoping she gets the job!!!

that was cute about Aaron/friends; boys have no concept; when my kid was living on his own, I was forever giving him TP when he came to visit; funny how us women think of things like that!!

glad Amber found a cheaper place to get the car fixed!!

enjoy the weekend!!


lsfp1960 said...

I used to take extra bags in & recycle them but now I won't even do that.  Because the day will come when we won't get them at the store anymore & then~will I won't have any.  I may have to build a room onto my house to store my plastic bags.  I also sell a lot of stuff on eBay and use them to cushion breakables.  "One mans trash is another mans treasure" .....that's why second & third marriage work~sometimes. Sunny & warm here again today.  Linda in WA

lifes2odd said...

I use the "green" bags too, I forget to bring them in sometimes but I'm getting better all the time. I use to think I was doing fine because I reused the plastic bags in my garbage cans and put them in recycling if I collected an excess. I think the stores should start charging for plastic bags -- that would help everyone to start using/remembering their green bags!
Have I told you lately that I think you are awesome? (yeah, I know it's an outdated word, but it still fits!)!
Martha :-)

mamaof4qts said...

Gosh I hope those boys are wiping...maybe you should have bought them some Desitin  I'm shue their mamas are so thankful they have somebody looking after them.  Thanks for the idea about the no sew blankets, I'm going to do those for Christmas.  

sangrialel said...

I came to  your journal by way of Betty.  Great job with the quilts.  I am going to add you to my alerts! Linda

helmswondermom said...

Glad to hear both the girls are moving ahead with their plans and using their heads.  

lurkynat said...

you really did stock them up KellI!:)
way to go!