Thursday, September 11, 2008

my husband can suprise me

Over the last week or so my husband has said some things that really shock me. Could I be rubbing off on him?

Last week when we went to the commissary I took in all of my reusable bags. On the way up to the door Rusty said " You know they have bags here." I just ignored him and kept on walking.

When we got home, I went out to the garage and pulled out a Arizona tea jug out of the recycling. I washed it up and made lemon aid in it. I said "Rusty that is lemon aid in the jug not Arizona tea."

Rusty said "That is a really good way to reuse. It beats us buying another pitcher"

What? Is this the same man that tolerates me recycling, but thinks I am crazy for doing it?

The kittens are growing so much and they are really starting to show their own personality. One of the kittens likes to climb the screen door.

This morning was no different. While Rusty and I were outside having a smoke one of the kittens climbed the door.

Rusty said "Just think we are told with every litter that they will not make it. Now look at them. It make me sick to see these kittens come in. They depend on us for some much and people just throw them away or abuse them."

That was so special for me. Rusty does not complain about me doing foster care, but I know at times he wishes that I would not do it. By Rusty speaking those words he has told me that he understands why I do what I do.

I was talking with one of friends last night and he was telling me that he was telling his new girlfriend about Rusty and I. So I had to ask "What did you tell her?"

He just laughed and said " I told her the truth. I told her that Rusty is very right wing conservative, very much still has the mentality of a marine, and that he expects his house to be run that way. As for Kelli, well she is a hippy that is so far out in left field that we do not know if she is still in the game, pushes the limits and likes to get naked."

Well..... I guess that is a very accurate way to describe us. O.K. everything he said about us is right on the money.

On my agenda for the day: general lean up of the house, cutting and sewing, and whatever else should happen to pop up.



lv2trnscrb said...

I loved this entry!!! my gosh it fits you to a "T"; haven't met Rusty yet, but I'm sure it fits him to a "T"

goes to prove opposites attract and goes to show the Lord has a wonderful sense of humor; so glad the Lord put the two of you together :)


buggieboo1 said...

my kitten sits pretty! I will try and get a picture of it! I can't pay the dog all the dog treats in the world to sit pretty but the kitten does! I think they are confused!

I often reuse milk gallons to make juices in!

Make it a great day

lsfp1960 said...

I'm not giving up my plastic grocery bags until I have to. What else would I scoop dirty cat litter into????   I have those cute resuable bags every store is pushing on us but I refuse to use them until there's not a plastic bag left this side of the Rockie Mountains !   As for other stuff...I recyle when I can't find another use for it.  Linda in WA  

plieck30 said...

I know you mean the world to Rusty even though he has to step around kittens. Thank you for your kind offer but things have settled down here. My daughter may head toward Austin where her daughter is in college. You are such a thoughtful person. Paula

deshelestraci said...

I love that you two are so different yet get along.

lanurseprn said...

I love when you write about you and your hubby. You two are made for each other even though you are so different. That's why you get compliment each other!
I loved your friends description....I didn't know people still used the word "hippy!" LOL!
Hugs Pam

springangel235 said...

What a beautiful relationship between the two of for sure!!!
Hope you have a great weekend...hugs and love,

helmswondermom said...

lol!  From reading your journal that's the way I'd describe you too!  
I think it's great that you two have each other.

lurkynat said...

hehe (:)
what a great couple you are!
I thin Rusty admires you much; he just likes to make his thoughts be known now and then!
oh my you do love those kittens!
be well
nice graphic