Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh my

Amber hit a huge learning curve yesterday.

Yesterday as Amber was pulling out of the driveway she hit another car. Minor damage to both car's, but enough damage to warrant repairs.

Instead of filing a claim with our insurance company, Amber wants to pay for it out of her own pocket, and keep here driving record cleaning. The cost for repairs to the other car.....$800!

Amber has $400 of it.

So I thought about this long and hard and then talked it over with Rusty. Here is what we are going to do.

We will loan Amber the other $400 on these terms.

1. She must repay us $80 a week until the balance is paid off.

2. She will drive no where except to school and work.

3. Once we are paid off she will have to pay to get her car fixed.

4. If she fail's to do any part of this agreement then we drop her from our insurance and she will have nothing to drive.

Amber came back with the argument that she needs to pay her cell phone bill.

I very calmly told her that I do not care if her cell phone gets turned off. I do not care if you have to pan handle for gas money. I do not care. Break the agreement and you will no longer drive.

Rusty is not happy with this, but he has agreed that it is fair.

As for Nikki. Oh this child! Nikki has been asking me for about a year now to home school her again.

Rusty and I found this charter school that we really like and it is a home based school.

I have no desire to home school again. So this charter school has teachers and Nikki would not have to answer to me.

So, I was going to tell Nikki and that Rusty and I agreed to let her do her schooling through them.

Then Nikki came home and was all pissy with me, and would not listen to a thing I had to say. So I never got a chance to tell her this good new's.

Maybe she will be in a better mood today?

There are a few conditions with Nikki going to this school.

1. Nikki must get on line and fill out all of the paper work to do the transfer.

2. Nikki will have to get a job and work enough hour's to pay her own phone bill.

I have no idea what Nikki is going to say. I guess we will see when she gets home from school..... if she is talking to me.

Berry is flying out tonight to go home! I am so excited for him. He will make it back in time to see his baby born.

Yesterday I went and bought a ton of fleece. So, I spent most of the cutting and I am almost ready to to start dividing up the quilts to get tied.

I think we are going to come up short of my goal of 50 quilts. We will see. I am just going to keep moving forward and take it one quilt at a time.

While I was at Joann's yesterday I found some really great fleece that I want to buy for Nikki. I can't believe that the fleece is $14.95 a yard! I am just glad that I coupon for 40% off on cut.

Today is a new day and I have some running around to do. So I better get moving.


lsfp1960 said...

Thanks for mentioning Jo Ann's.  I need to go there in the next couple days & take my coupons.   Ahh, the trials & tribulations of being a teenager. A parent want to help them all they can...kind of soothing away the attacks of the world.  But if we do that~how will they ever learn?  Linda in WA  

deshelestraci said...

Those are some hard lessons to learn!  Good luck to all of you on that!
Good idea to have Nikki do the leg work for getting herself enrolled.

plieck30 said...

You are a steadfast mama and doing a good job. Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

that is a reasonable plan you suggested to Amber; she really will want to keep her insurance record clean so I hope she complies with it and I like Nikki's home-based schooling; I hope she goes with that plan

I'm glad Berry will be home to see his baby born!!! thank you Lord!

wow, fleece is expensive!!!

again, let me know if I can help with the quilts or if you need any extra supplies, let me know, I'll be happy to pitch in; I can't sew but can at least get a supply or two to help you make your goal :)


lanurseprn said...

I like the plan you have for Amber. I think when they have to pay for it themselves it makes them more aware and more careful! I'm glad she didn't get hurt!
Hope you have a good evening.

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I think that is a fair plan you have for Amber, Have a good Thursday, Hugs Lisa

rdautumnsage said...

I think the terms are more than fair that you gave Amber and Nikki. It's so funny I was with my daughter at Johanns yesterday myself. Skye is the ultimate coupon girl! Not only did she get 40% off, she managed to get even more off several items from coupons she had. I swear she is so different from the wild child I had (the one who would of cringed at the mention of using a coupon). I was able to get money off on yarn their yesterday. A friend of mine is having a baby in a few months and I wanted to knit a baby blanket for her. (Hugs)Indigo

helmswondermom said...

How did I miss all these entries from you?
I agree that the agreement you have with Amber is more than fair.  I'm not sure we'd have even done that.  She will learn a valuable lesson about money and priorities.  I hope that you will get to do the charter school if that is what you want for Nikki (and I hope she is talking to you now! lol)
I'm glad Barry gets to go home to see his baby born.  I'm sure his wife is very happy about that too!

lurkynat said...

I'm so sorry that Amber had a wreck! and You're so right Lessons learned!
Hey I am very vry relieved that she is ok.
Our kids have had to learn to be safe too and I think you're such a patient and excellent mom and Rusty is a great dad!
I hope that you can solve the charter school dilemma soon!
love and hugs,nat