Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Belonephobia is the fear of needles. I have that. I will avoid going to the doctors for fear of seeing a needle much less getting stuck by one. Rusty has to hold me down anytime I have needed a shot. I went through natural child birth so that I could avoid ...... needles. So if you ever hear that I got a tattoo, please know that I am dead. LOL

Nikki is at her first day of classes at her new school. Nikki only has to go once a week, Tuesday's are her school day. I also need to make an appointment, so that we can go register for Nikki for college classes. Next semester I will have two children in college. Now that is a scary thought. However at least I will not have to pay for Nikki to go to college, but I will still have to buy her book's. I am kinda hoping that Nikki and Amber end up in the same classes, at least then they could share a book or something.

Tomorrow is the end of our blanket drive for the veterans home. I am not sure how many we have in total yet, but I know that whatever we have will help out. I will try to get a picture of my stacks of blankets. I will do this again next year, but I think I am going to start earlier and next year I will reach my goal of 50 blankets!

I meet people all the time. Everyone of them leaves an impression on me. Recently I met a veteran that just made me miss my father in law. I was in the fabric department looking at all the fleece and I noticed this older gentlemen sitting on a stool.

My father in law would go material shopping with my mother in law and I. He would just stand there and wait to be summoned to hold material. This older gentlemen had the same look on his face as my father in law would have. I talk to this older gentleman for a few minutes. He had just had surgery on his arm and his wife drug him to wal mart.

I went to get all of material cut and one of the ladies asked me what I was going to do with all this fleece. This older gentlemen grabbed my arm and said "excuse me what did you say you were going to do with those blankets?" I once again explained to him what I was doing. By this time the gentlemen's wife had walked up. It turns out that this guy was a veteran and he said that he had his surgery at the same hospital where we are donating the blankets to.

I asked this gentlemen's wife to write down his his name and address for me. She did. I told Rusty that on the next payday I am going to make this gentlemen a blanket and drop it off on his door step.

Rusty just gave me a grin. It was the grin that said "that's my baby always taking care of everyone else".

Lynn, wanted to know why I surprised that I was a pick by the guest editor. I guess I am just surprised that people would find my life even a little bit interesting. I think my life is dull and very uneventfully. I do know that from time to time I do some crazy stuff, but hey that is life.

One of the marines said that he was going to grill some steaks tonight. That will be nice. That also means that I do not have to cook!

 I do believe that fall is finally arriving here in the so cal. I have been enjoying this cooler weather and I have been getting some flower beds ready for some fall flowers and some bulbs.

I must admit that I do miss fall. Back east all of the leaves change colors and the weather is just so crisp. However I do not miss racking leaves!

Oh well. The rest of my day is calling me, so I better get moving.


lv2trnscrb said...

add 3 blankets to your total; I think your daughter/my son are making arrangements to pick them up/have them delivered

You did good, no matter how many blankets the final total is; you made an effort which is a lot better than a lot of other people would have done

you know, they have medicine now that numbs the area so it makes getting shots a lot easier

honestly, I would get a tattoo if my hubby liked them but out of respect for him, I won't get one

the fall weather is nice :)


deshelestraci said...

I'm so glad Nikki got her wish to homeschool.  Taking college classes at the same time is a great bonus!
That is sweet about the man at the fabric counter.  It will mean a lot to him!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad Nikki got ito school.I admire you for helping so many people out,you do so much for this country,by helping the Marines and making blankets for them and for the hosiptal.You are a very giving person.Congrats on winning Editors pic,you deserve it!!!!!!!!I think its nice of you making a blanket for the eldery man who was also a vetran.I wish I could do something like that to help out.But the only thing I know is making beaded jewrley

lanurseprn said...

Funny you'd post about the fear of needles. A patient at work asked me what that phobia is called and I didn't know.
I can't believe you went through childbirth natural to avoid needles. OMG the needlestick doesn't feel like anything compared to childbirth LOL!
BTW...you are NOT dull! I always enjoy coming to see what you are up to.

plieck30 said...

I love your cat graphics. I had pain all summer with my back because I was afraid of the injections. When I finally had them they sprayed something on first and the injections didn't hurt a bit. Paula

ukgal36 said...

i think you rock sista!

glensfork4 said...

You are so not dull....you are a pleasure to read and quite the ambitious person. I do admire you and all that your life contains.


beckerb6 said...

I don't think you are boring or that your life is dull. I love to read each of your entries.

nay0114 said...

You're far from dull honey. Congrats on being picked. You deserve it.
My Lauren is scared to death of needles too. She would rather die too so that is funny when you said that about a tattoo. The other day Lauren was having such a bad day at college she said I'm cutting my hair off and getting a tatoo so that means things ARE bad. LOL.
I have two in college, fixin to be three next year. Heck I may join them. I mean my daughter and I all got our driver's license on the same day. Isn't that funny.
That is so nice of you to get that man a blanket it will mean a lot to him. Random acts of kindness are hard to find nowadays and they bring me to tears. So I know you will make his day.
I use to love having my army guys around. I tell you when you welcome them into your home there is nothing they wouldn't do for you. I had one guy that use to come to my house all the time. We had three little kids then and not a lot of money. This guy would show up with steaks and meat saying here it is cook it so we can all eat. All he wanted was a home cooked meal and hey I could handle that. I had to watch what I said around him because IF I ever said I wanted anything he'd buy it and bring it to me. I think my husband should have worried hehehe he always told me I would marry you in a second if he wasn't around. Humm.. maybe I should call him LOL.
Take care, Chrissie

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli
I hate needles too! ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! SCARY!
two kids in college now that is quite an accomplishment!
p.s. Big Congrats with your blanket project!