Tuesday, October 23, 2007

nerves of steel

Well, we are still here. I am sorry for not posting this morning.

I have decided that until we are evacuated I am going to go about our life. The children need to have a sense of normal.

I am back to working full time. This should last until about Christmas. It will help with bills and with Christmas.

I am still looking for a sponsor for Nikkis trip. Sigh. My heart breaks because I can't provide this for my children. I know that I need to get over it.

To all of the marine moms out there. All of the marines are safe. Dustin has been evacuated, but everyone else has not.

I have set up a network that goes like this. Some of the marines gave me their mom's phone number. I am calling them with updates, and then if we do get evacuated they can call their marine and let them know.

I talked to my former mother in law and she was worried about the girls. I told her that they were fine and that for now we do have everything under control. She told me that I must have nerves of steel.

Maybe I do, but right now I am doing what I have to do to keep my family safe.

Other then that, there is not to much going on. The roads should be open tomorrow, so Rusty should be going to work tomorrow. The children will be going to school, and I will go to work.

Thanks to everyone who left a prayer for us. the hedge around our house is still standing.

As for how Rusty and I are doing. We are doing. Things are getting better and we are strong and we will get through this storm.

Will everyone please say a prayer for the marines and for all of the families. A lot of housing has been evacuated. Pray for them. Please.


cgtperkins said...

Tons and Tons of prayers going out to all of you there!!! You are such a trooper Kell, you amaze me. You are so strong and focused!!

deshelestraci said...

So glad to hear from you!  You've been on my mind today.  Still praying.  Stay safe everyone!

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad you are ok, praying for you and the marines, Hugs Lisa

beckerb6 said...

prayers going up for you and the marines.

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad you are all safe. It's very smokey here. I hate this.

plieck30 said...

Will pray for all of you. Paula

nelishianatl said...

Hugs and prayers.  You're in our thoughts and hearts.  


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))You al have been in my prayers and the Marines to.have a nice day.

ukgal36 said...

Will keep you in my prayers..my BIL from Santee is here and keeping a close eye on the news and his cell phone...
you all be safe...

pharmolo said...

Good to hear you didn't have to be evacuated - yet. Hope you won't have to. Keep safe.


gehi6 said...

To bad the marines have to be threatened at home by fire as well as abroad by war.  My gosh, nerves of steel.  I thought it took nerves of steel to live in the L.A. area after contending with flood and mud slides, fire storms, nightmare freeways, and finally an earth quake, my nerves turned to jelly and I went to slow Arizona.  But if you were born and raised there, what else do you know?  I just hope things normalize for you, soon.   Gerry http://journals.aol.com/gehi6/daughters-of-the-shadow-men/  

lurkynat said...

Dearest Kelli,
I have been praying for you and for your husband's band of brothers since last night!
I am very very happy that you are still in one piece there. So sorry that you cannot go on base and that the Marines cannot leave as of yet.
big hugs

helmswondermom said...

I'm glad to see that you are still there.  I hope it doesn't come to evacuation for you, but at least you are ready if it does.  In the meantime, it's good that you can go on about your lives as normal as possible.  Hang in there!

lurkynat said...

You guys rock!
Strong doesn't begin to describe you!
Beautiful entry