Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday sucked!

OOOOHHHHh Amber, Rusty and Ryan are on my last nerve.

Lets start with Ryan since his is short. I was doing all of his laundry and I noticed only two pairs of underwear in the wash. I TRIED to find out what happened to all of his underwear, but I got the usual blank stare. I finally asked him if he threw them away. Once again I got the blank stare. The stare of I am in here but I have no idea what you are saying. I did catch him throwing his clothes away last week. I went outside and said what are you doing? He had confused put away your clothes with throw your clothes away! So now I have to go replace all of his underwear. I swear to you on all that is holly that if throws them away again he will be free balling it.

Now lets move on to Amber. I sold my antique sewing machine yesterday and gave Amber the money so that she could buy her grad night ticket. Yes you read this right, I sold my prize sewing machine for my child. I came up $10 short and all she said to me when I gave her the money was "cool". My heart broke.

Then Amber starts looking at college out of state. I asked her why. Amber said "Well you are the one that said I could go"

I told Amber that before she started looking at colleges in Alaska and by her Grandmother that she needed to get a lot of stuff in order. Little things like saving money to buy a car when she gets there, paying her own car insurance, putting gas in her car, figuring out if these people are going to charge her rent, how she is going to get a phone on her own....with no credit and then she needed to figure out if Rusty's disability benefits will cover her if she goes out of state. Oh lets not forget little things like health insurence.

That was when Amber lost it. Did she honestly think that WE were going to continue to pay for all of these things?

Then I asked her why she wanted to go to my moms house. After all my mom has put her out before. Remember that my mom did not even spend 24 hours with you before picking up hell child. You about lost it over that. What do you think is going to happen if you live there. Do you think that your grandmother is actually going to love you more? Hell no. You will just be a built in baby sitter!

Amber did not want to hear this. I guess reality sucks. HMMM welcome to my world.

Maybe I was wrong to be so blunt with her but there it is. Amber got mad and called Rusty.

Rusty is mad at me for selling my sewing machine. Well I either gave her the money now, or took it out of his check. Either way the money needed to be paid.

Yesterday I did get part of the garage cleaned up and got all of the laundry done. Over the weekend someone was nice enough to throw the clothes from the dryer on the floor, so the got soaked, and I had to re wash them. Oh the joys of my life.

Today I have to go to the bank and get some money out. I need to go get nikki something to eat since she has an away match tonight. Oh did I mention that Nikki made Varsity? Then I have to go buy Ryan his underwear. The bank does not open until 10 and I have to be home by noon because Ryan gets out of school early today.

It is cold here and I do not care about the gas bill. I am turning the furnance on.

Who says that a house rats life is dull. The excitement never ends here.


lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwwww Kelli sorry you had such a bad day yesterday, hope today is better for you, Hugs Lisa

plieck30 said...

Oh no your life is not dull. You have more problems then Carter has little pills. Hang in there they will grow up. Paula

magran42 said...

Just Hang in there!  It has to et better.

lurkynat said...

oh Gee.. I am soooo sorry that Ryan threw out his underwear..sheesh!
oh and you have my total sympathies about Amber not understanding how expensive life is! yeah! you go Mom! they may not appreciate you but they will later!
oh and I am totally in shock aboutt he sewing machine becasue you made all of thos e wonderful quilts Kelli! how will you do that now?

gehi6 said...

That kid Ryan has got a strange compulsion  Most moms would be distraught is my guess. I am sorry you had to sell your prize sewing machine. I suppose it could do everything but tattoo.  I have seen some like that since a number in my family were sewing pros.  We grew up with the sound of the sewing machine humming and much talk of what one was the best.   My mother swore by Singer, so I did, too, even though my seams were never straight!  I blamed it on to be left handed but I had one sister who was left handed and could sew anything.  In fact if she wrote a letter it was to ask people to go buy her buttons, patterns, etc. She was always making herself a dress.   Gerry

amyrangei said...

You could cut off your right arm for my child and she'll just shrug and say, whatever.  My daughter will hide her school uniform shirts so she doesn't have to go to school, although she still goes, she has been wearing one uniform shirt because I can't find her others.  As soon as she gets home and throws it on the floor, I grab it and put it in the wash and hide it until it's time for her to wear it.  *sigh* someday they will realize all we've done for them.

deshelestraci said...

No.  You didn't sell your machine.  Prayers going out to you tonight.

helmswondermom said...

So sorry you had to sell that machine!  She'll appreciate it someday.  And someday she'll do the same thing for her daughter!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))I cant belive you sold your sweing machine,that was very nice of you to do tha for your daughter.Yheu dont know how much you do for the.I hope you have a better day today.

ukgal36 said...

You are such an incredible really are..I wish everyone would top taking you for granted though....

kirstiepop13 said...

sorry about your tuesday..  but i am here and if you need me always talk to me ok love yah


lanurseprn said...

I'm sorry you had to sell your sewing machine. And I wish she'd had a better appreciation for what you did for her. I'm sorry.

nay0114 said...

It is hard to understand what is gonna happen. I don't think my daughter has grasped that yet. I wish I was rich and didn't have to worry about that stuff, but that's how it is here too.
Take care, Chrissie

seraphoflove9001 said...

Wow! No...theres always something happening! You really need a vacation just for you!

lurkynat said...

love you Kelli!
Iam sooo sad that your sewing machine went!
you are one generous and talented quilt maker and seamstress!
You are a fabulous mom and wife

sunnyside46 said...

oh boy you have had a day!
Thrown away underwear, ungrateful kids,kids with no clue.
It hurts so bad when you give up something for them & they just take it for granted. I think they all do it, though. It'a part of being that age.Just becasue a teen is self-centered, does not mean they will grow up to be selfish, just like if a toddler has temper fits, it doesn't mean they will grow up to be violent. Can you tell I have repeated this to myself like a mantra for many years?
I had to tell Caitlin the other day that I saw no reason for me to pay to send her to college because she showed no sign of studying in high school.
It's so hard at times,but the girls will get through it.
I hope tomorrow looks better for you  and atleast no one gets rid of their underwear.