Thursday, January 31, 2008

different mood.

Today I am so full of energy. So what was the funk about yesterday? Oh well.

My goals for today are to clean the children bathroom, and do yet more laundry. I am also going to finish the quilt that I have been working on.

My girlfriend Lyn said that she has another friend coming over on Saturday and the two of them are going to do three quilts! They are amazing.

So I must wonder. Do they have more hours in a day? Do they have cats and dogs that love to help them with everything? HMM I will have to ask them.

Earlier this week we took the kittens in to get them fixed and they will be coming home tomorrow. I can't believe how strange it is to not have the babies running around.

Here is a list of yet some more ying and yang on Rusty and I.

1. Rusty gets made when I take my own bags to go shopping with. Rusty thinks we just get the plastic bags and then throw them away. I buy the bags that have been made out of recycled stuff and use them.

2. Rusty listens to the same music all the time. He is very predictable. I like everything from country, to 80's, to insane clown posse.

3. I do not mind picking clean clothes out of the laundry basket. Rusty does not like this.

4. Rysty loves his sifi and I can't stand sifi!

I guess you could say that we have had some rather interesting topics to talk about this week.

I need to get busy and get the house cleaned up. I swear that one day I am going to be able to hire a cleaning lady. I so can't wait for that day!



helmswondermom said...

I hope you got all your cleaning done, and glad to hear the kittens will be home tomorrow.

rdautumnsage said...

We are married to almost identical men...I do the same with the grocery bags. I actually looked up a site and showed doc what happens when birds, fish, other animals get a hold of one of these bags in the wild to prove a point.

Doc is stuck on Jazz, Blues and the History channel. Me whatever the mood strikes is good.

(Hugs) Indigo

tsalagiman1 said...

Sounds like you and Rusty sure have had some interesting discussions this week!  Glad you have more energy.  I think sometimes we all need a day now and then to just chill (but not without hot water!).


deshelestraci said...

I bet you did miss the kittens.  When you find out how to get more hours in the day, will you let me know?