Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I have made it!

Well, for the most part I am moved in. Noticed I said "I". My pack rat husband still has a lot of unpacking to do. Rusty swears that he is going to go through his stuff and get rid of a lot of it. I am so glad that he said that because I needed a good laugh. I just told Rusty " Well as soon as you kick the bucket I am sending some of it to the Marine Corps museum and the rest is going in the trash. Then anyone who wants the furniture came come and take it. Rusty just looked at me and said you would not do that. Watch me.

Now that we have the computers up running I need to get Ambers pictures loaded. I can't wait to share her pictures with everyone.

The girls are loving the new house. We live in a community where we have a swimming pool and a fitness center. I will be using the crap out of the pool.

I finally got some curtains sewn yesterday.  Now our neighbors cant watch me take a bath. I made our bathroom curtain out of bright yellow rubber ducky material and I trimmed the curtains in a bright orange. The curtains look like a quilt top and they really brighten up the bathroom.

Ryan is not adjusting to well. I swear the child left his brain at the other house. He figures that since we do not live in the same house the same old rules do not apply. So it has been so much fun that Rusty and I are just speechless.

The girls have finals this week, so they will be out of school early everyday this week.  I know that they will do fine.

Life is slowing down for me and I am happy to say that I am returning to house rat status. My friends are doing their best to get me out of the house, but I am happy just chillin at home.

Tonight is women's Bible study and I am thinking about going to that. Deb wanted me to go last week, but I was way to busy, so I am thinking I will go tonight.

My friend Lyn is pulling me into a quilting group. Rusty is so glad that Lyn is doing this. Rusty say's that I need to get out more. I would have to disagree.

Lyn asked me if the car had gotten fixed yet. No not yet. It is still sitting down on base. I guess I did more damage then I thought. I some how managed to shatter the housing where the belt goes. Whatever. Car's are not my thing.

Well, I think I am going to go make myself some breakfast. Scrambled eggs and a hash brown. That sounds good to me.




glensfork4 said...

I have been spring cleaning....I don't know how I (we) have collected so much....it is going...piece by piece....

Glad to hear the move is complete....glad everything worked out.


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad your move was a success, email me your new address when you have time, Hugs Lisa

deshelestraci said...

So glad to hear from you!  I was thinking this morning that it had been a while.  Go to the Bible study.  Sounds good to me.  I sometimes wish I was able to be less social.  I get pretty lonely for friendships.  You seem to be happy in your house.  I usually am.  I just like to get out too!

lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad you are getting settled in. I was wondering about you! A pool and fitness center?? WOW you are lucky!! There were some good things that came out of the move, right?
Have a good day.

gehi6 said...

Glad to hear you survived moving to another house which is always a tumultuous undertaking.  Can't wait to see the pics.  But anyway, you are probably going to need to recover a few days before you will really know what you want to do.  I am surprised you know a guilter's group.  I didn't think they had them anymore.  I drove each of my cars bought brand new 7 years by carefully herding them down the road.  But driving and owning  cars was so stressful to me I have not missed having them even though the bus sometimes has to load and unload 5 wheelchairs a trip!  Buses are slower than cars though, and young people have too many places they need to go fast to do without one if they can possibly help it!  Gerry

julydarby said...

So glad you're settled... my Austin gets out of sync as well whenever there are changes. I think it's ok to be a house rat for awhile... I think you're probably just trying to acclimate...

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))I am glad you are getting settled in,I would love to see pics of the new house and cant wait to see pics of Amber.Have a nice night.

rdautumnsage said...

Happy to hear your settled in hon. I noticed you hadn't written in awhile. Trust me if you leave it up to Rusty his stuff will never get unpacked. Men seem to generate from Pack Rats to the biggest procastinators I know. The pool will no doubt be delightful come Spring and Summer. Stay safe and loved! (Hugs) Indigo

nay0114 said...

Glad that you're all moved in now. You will love the pool so basically nothing will get done in the summer hehehe except a great tan right. Getting away from the house for a bit might do you some good. I know I get tried sometimes of being here cabin fever, then there are other times when I'm happy to say inside for weeks. Gee I'm not weird I thought I was the only one like that. Hope you have a great day. I'm behind on everyone and I'm trying to catch up.
Take Care and Big Hugs, Chrissie

springangel235 said...

So happy to read you are all settled in ....hope you have a great week...hugs and love,

helmswondermom said...

I was just thinking of you and wondering if you'd gotten moved in.  I hope that everything continues to go well in the new neighborhood.  Do all your Marine friends know how to find you now? lol  I hope that Ryan gets adjusted to the new house soon.  Take care!

nelishianatl said...

I'm glad you have gotten all moved in.  Rusty needed that shocking wake up.  He should watch that show where they come in and redo your room and then they make you stop being such a packrat, three piles on tarps in the backyard, keep, sell, toss, then go through your keep pile and get rid of exactly HALF.  I think it's called CLEAN SWEEP.  I've learned alot about organizing from that show.  I want to sew some things here but the tension in my sewing machine needs fixed.  Show some pictures of the pretty curtain please.