Thursday, November 8, 2007

the 8th of November

Yes, today is November 8th. Until a few years ago it was just another day. Then I heard this song. When we saw Big and Rich in concert they talked about this song. So listen to it.

Today is going to be spent cleaning. I not only have to get this house cleaned up before my mom comes, but because it is just dirty.

Last night I actually got the dining room table cleared off. That only took 30 min.! I had to sort through my material and make sure I had everything where it need to go.

Yesterday I found an Avon book. I had not looked at an Avon book in a long time. So I took my book to the Avon store. The lady that owns the Avon store...well our daughter go to school I gave her my business. Anyway I scored some great things. I am have all of the girls stocking stuffers bought and I have one gift set bought. Now I just have to buy Rusty and Ryan some stocking stuffers.

The marines called us from Vegas last night. I guess the girls were looking a little to good. I can just se the marines beating up other marines! I hope that they had a good time.

I do not know what is up with Ryan. He asked me if he could join the basketball club. So Rusty and I talked about it and we agreed that I would call the coach and feeling him out. So that is what I did. The coach was totally cool with Ryan joining the club. However there is a 40 minute gap between when Ryan gets out of school and when the club starts. So I need to talk to his teacher and see if we can work something out. I Gave Ryan the form and a note for his teacher. She still has not called me. So last night I asked Ryan about it and he said well I did not give her the note. Why? Shoulder shrugg. Do you to be in theclub?Yes. then..... oh it is pointless. I will have to call the teacher myself.

Last night Rusty was digging through the freezer and he found tofu flavored beef. He asked what the hell it was. I looked at him and said tofu. He said well what the hell is it doing in th freezer. being frozen? little does my family know I have been feeding then tofu for about two weeks now. I use that morning star tofu and it is so good. I am determined to get this family eating a little bit more healthy. maybe I can turn them into vegans and they will not even know it!

I need to get off the computer and start my day, but I have three purring kittens napping on my lap! Another week or so they will be to big to cuddle up on my lap.


deshelestraci said...

That's a very moving song.  Tofu, huh?  just be careful.  Soy mimics estrogen in the body.  Something I think your girls probably have enough of and your boys don't need.

gehi6 said...

I saw Big and Rich perform last night on the CMA awards and I thought of you, and now I come here to play this song, too.  It is good when a singer remembers these guys.  Gerry

rdautumnsage said...

Talk about being healthy, I *gasp* quit smoking a couple weeks ago. Yes, in the midst of everything that is going on. Bad timing, but at 42 I just want to live longer. No matter what it takes. I'm forever trying to get Doc to eat healthier. I did get him turned on to eating Tuna Fish with lemon and cracked pepper instead of mayo. Does That count?

Now I've just caught up on the last 4 entries of yours. And I've come to the conclusion you are underappreciated and half of the people in your house need a good swift kick in the ass. Which I would happily oblige. In the midst of all the chaos try to remember to try to take a few "me" moments for yourself hon. (Hugs) Indigo

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))Sounds like you have alot to do with your Mom comming.I hope all goes well.I love avon,the church does it during the Christmas Holidays and I order alot from there.Have a nice weekend.

nelishianatl said...

We saw Big and Rich last year, and then I got a video from someone on FreeCycle of how the song was written, footage of them in Viet Nam.  It is awesome.  I posted about the subject last year and was hoping to get comments about it from someone, anyone, who knew about that period in history.  NOPE.  Just folks saying that they liked the song.  So it goes.  I get real catchy journal entry titles too that nobody notices.  Frankly, I'm just glad that there are people out there still wanting to read about my life.  
The surprise about fixing tofu on your husband was priceless.  
Have a great weekend.