Thursday, November 29, 2007

grab a drink and sit down

Grab something to drink and a snack. I have a story to tell.

Yesterday I got an e mail from this place called free cycle. You can post a message if you need something or if you have something to give away for free. So yesterday this lady was looking for help for her sister. I read all about the children and I did not have anything. So I deleted the message.

A few hours later I was putting Ryans clothes away and I was just discusseted. Ryan has so much stuff that he never even touched.

So I went back to my e mail and I emailed this lady and asked her to give me a call. I wanted to feel her out and see if she would accept "used" stuff.

While I was going to get Ryan this lady calls me back. Nikki is sitting in the passanger seet just listening to my conversation. I hung up the phone and Nikki just smiled.

This morning I tore through Ryans room. I just can't believe how much crap this child has and the really sad thing is he has never played with 99% of it.

I started putting everything on our area rug in the living room. The I walked into the kitchen and I saw a basket of stuff that Nikki had pulled out of her room. In the basket was her toss and tickle me elmo. Nikki use to love elmo and I was that crazy mom that would drive all over just to get her an elmo. Now she was giving it away. Nikki said "I don't play with it any more, I am sure their baby will love it".

So I added that to the rug. Then I went back to hall closet and pulled out some odd things that I had acumulated over the year. All of that went on the rug.

Off to the garage to get look through my over flow pantry. Two trips later I was done out there.

As soon as I got done the lady called me and told me that she was out front. When she walked into the house she cried. She said that she never knew a blessing would come from the computer and that most of the people were e mailing her back and being very rude.

Sad thing is we were there last year. It felt so good to help someone else. I am glad to see that there are still people out there who do not care if it is "new" and are just happy to be able to put something under the tree.

That was my morning.

Now I am on my fourth cup of tea and I still have a list of things to do.

Today I have to take Ryan to the dentist so I am sure that will be a joy.....not. After that I will need to cook dinner. I think I am doing soup and salad for dinner. That is quick and easy.

Does anyone know why spell check is not working?


louiseb411 said...

A good turn and a good clear out at the same time! Have a good day Louise xx

trishaham said...

What a wonderful entry! God bless you for your loving and giving heart.

plieck30 said...

So kind of you to do that. A lady gave us a very large bag of clothes for rags. We went through all of them and picked out good things. I folded them all and we are taking them to one of John's renters to distribute to her grandchildren or who ever needs them. Paula

seraphoflove9001 said...

aaaaaaWwwww, Kelli! What a wonderful morning! It really is nice when you help others, if it's used or not. You're a great person! :o)

am4039 said...

that is just wonderful. It feels so good to give.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))Awwwwwww,that is so nice to help someone else who needs it.And for your daughter to give something to.Have a nice night.

lisa41076 said...

Awwwww Kelli you are such a beautiful person , you have a heart of gold, I have a dentist appt tommorow too, fun fun fun, Hugs Lisa

emabecmar said...

that is a beautiful thing to do. ((((((hugs))))

springangel235 said...

That was soooooooooo nice of you...your such a wonderful person...thanks for sharing this...hugs and love, have a great weekend.

gehi6 said...

That was a good days work.  I am glad the lady was not too proud for used.  Used used to be scorned by many in this country, and so much that was good was sent to the dump, but recycling is one of the best things that has ever happened, and if you go through something the best thing is to be able to recyle used, too. You are a generous giving soul though.   I know someone who makes quilt blocks all the time knows how to use material down to its last scrap.  That is what they did in the 'old' days, and if not quilt blocks then they cut old clothes into strips and made rug rags. Then either braided rugs at home or sent them off to the local rug weaver's.  I liked that form of recyling, too.  Gerry

nay0114 said...

You know when you said that woman just started crying when she saw what you were giving her. That means that she was truly so appreciative. That was a mom who truly loves her children doing whatever to make sure they are happy. Let me tell you Kyan would rather play with something that costs a dollar than a big expensive toy. You did a great job Elf Kelli.
Take care, Chrissie