Friday, November 16, 2007

tea with a friend

Yesterday I called an old friend and asked her if she sketch out a pattern for me. So this morning we got together. We drank tea, she drew and we chatted for a long time. It was so nice to catch up with her.

I hate it when life gets to busy and we don't get together with friends.

My girlfriend sketched me a pattern for a Christmas tree and a Christmas light. I am going to make throw pillows out of them. I hope they turn out good. If they do then I am going to give them as gifts.

Tonight CJ and I are going to go out to 29 palms and have dinner with George. Yes, we are driving for 5 hours just to have dinner! LOL

Ryans teacher called me this morning and she said that they filled out Ryan's notebook and put it in his backpack. Well it must have miracle itself out of his backpack. I will put another note book in his back pack. It this one disappears then screw it. The school can buy them from now on.

Rusty got on line this morning and checked his payroll deposit. Once again his mileage was not paid. Rusty said that was it, he will no longer drive for his job. We have been waiting for mileage for two months now.

I am going to spend this weekend doing some sewing. I am not going to work on any blankets, just some Christmas stuff. I know this will piss one marine off. He is still bitching because his quilt is not done. If he bitchs this weekend I will tell him to get off my planet and that he is not getting one at all. I listen to my children bitch all the time, the last thing I need is to listen to marines bitch.

I found out yesterday that I have to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I do not want to cook. I hate cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Erma Bombeck said "Only in America do women get up early, take fresh bread and make it into stale bread, then shove it into a cavity of a dead animal all so that we can have fresh stuffing!" Oh how true that is. This weekend I am going to ask everyone who will be here. If they are coming for dinner then they will have to bring something. Have I mentioned that I hate cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

Well, I need to go get all of the marines stuff off the table so that I can star laying out my patterns and the start cutting out the patterns.

Oh I almost forgot. I mentioned to my girlfriend that I wanted a pattern for a pill box hat but that I could not find one. My girlfriend said that I can download vintage pattens! I am going to have to check it out. I so want a pill box hat. Watch out Jackie my hat will look better then yours!



hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSOYOU))))))))))))))))))Its nice that got together with a good friend.I need to do that myself.I hope you get this notebook thing solved with Ryans teacher.have a good weekend.

plieck30 said...

Nothing wrong with that---driving five hours to have dinner with friends. I use to have a pill box hat and I can't find my picture of me and a girl friend in pill box hat and spike heels. Those days are gone forever. Paula

julydarby said...

We're doing our dinner this weekend while all our kids are with us. It will be an early Thanksgiving and .... well, Michael is cooking. *smile* I'm a bit spoiled. I'm ok with it...
Hope you have a great weekend...

deshelestraci said...

Is it that you hate to cook Thanksgiving dinner or do you hate to cook Thanksgiving dinner?!  LOL

emabecmar said...

I would love to see pics of the finished product, of the pattern work. I'll be cooking for about 20 people on thanksgiving. I'm thinking about making a cup of hot tea now. Have a nice weekend.

nelishianatl said...

For Thanksgiving, my family is meeting my new in-laws and I'm doing ALL the cooking!  What am I thinking? lol Or AM I thinking?

Crying Marines, huh?

Please include pictures.  I'm starting on Christmas gifts too.  I'll be showing plenty of pics myself.



rdautumnsage said...

Too bad we don't live closer to one another. I love cooking Thanksgiving Dinner. Then again I'm fixing a huge 21lb Turkey for just me and Doc.....I think part of it for me, is never having the holidays celebrated when I was a kid. When I got older I was determined to live it up over the holidays. I can needlepoint, cross-stitch, knit, crotchet as well as sew wonderful by hand. Yet I haven't learned to use a sewing machine. I wish I did learn. I'm fascinated with quilt patterns, I would love to make a quilt. Knowing me, I'll probably make one by hand one of these days.

The thing about being a jack of all trades is, there is never enough time to do anything.

I think it's a great idea to make everyone bring a dish, from what I understand you have quite a few people in house besides family to cook for. Maybe this would be a great time for the girls cooking lessons *winks*. (Hugs) Indigo

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, you are going to rock that pillbox hat, Hugs Lisa

helmswondermom said...

I want to see your pillbox hat after you make it.  I was I was so talented seamstress-wise!

nay0114 said...

Can't wait to see the surprises.
Take care, Chrissie