Wednesday, April 16, 2008

California's schools suck!


So Ryans teacher has been out since Christmas. I called the principal of his school a while back and asked when his teacher is coming back? He had no idea. Then I found out yesterday that she will be ou the rest of the year and that the school is bringing in yet another sub!

Now keep in mind the class that Ryan is in was designed to give these children living skills. The teacher was hand picked and she hand picked all the materials for all the children.

As of yet the school system has not gotten Ryan the special writing program that he needs and it is in his IEP. Now we have subs that have no idea what is going on?

I give up.

Last night was the new season of a show called the deadliest catch. I love that show! One day I am going to go to Dutch harbor. I just want to see it.

Our friend Elle lives in Alaska and she said that she got to go to Dutch Harbor on Business. Elle said that it was so cool!

I have been wanting to go to Alaska for a while. My only problem is hat I don't like cold weather so I would have to go in the summer time.

Today I have the usual stuff to do around here. Nothing exciting by any means. I guess I should be thankful for slow days.

I have however given up on that Damn fish quilt for my mom. I swear someone wrote those directions in Greek. What I have done does not even look close to the picture! LOL I guess my mom is getting another gift card this year.

Everyone knows that I have a phobia of needles. No big secret there. However I do want to get a tattoo. My dad told me that before I get a tattoo I need to be 100% sure that is what I want since I can't remove it.

So for a few years now I have really been thinking about this. I thought I would get a dragon fly. Then it came to me. I want big hippy flowers as a back piece.

I was talking it about this weekend, and then yesterday George called me. She has drawn out the tattoo and she is going to go get it only smaller? What? I do not want a tattoo that someone one else has!

Now I am back to square one.

Yes Betty that was us at the yard sale! You should have stopped! My daughter was the one walking around the big floppy hat. I must admit that she does look good in my hippy hat! LOL

This morning I was talking with Rusty about our road trip. I was telling Rusty that I could see myself living in Florida. Rusty said no, but I can see it!

I have so enjoyed looking at where everyone lives.

I told Rusty that we are going to steal a cruise ship and go to the UK. He just laughed and said "You know if we had the money I could see you doing this for real." Hell yes!

Tell you what ladies when I win the lottery we will do this for real.

Today we are off to Nashville! I have been there and I thought that it was a great place to visit. Can we all go out on the town tonight?\




lsfp1960 said...

That's too bad about Ryan's teacher being so sick she's out for the whole year.  It must be something serious.  My ex spent one summer working at a fish cannery out of Dutch Harbor.  They got there the end of May and there was still lots of ice & snow eveywhere.  I've been as far as Skagway, Alaska...twice on a cruise ship out of Seattle.  Both cruises were the middle of August and the temps ran around 65 degrees.  It never gets really hot up there.  I can't watch that show anymore, because living where I do, there have been fishing boats out of Seattle lost up there.  Even though I didn't know anyone on them, it's so sad to see the grieving families and hear about it on the news for days when it happens.   I understand tattoos can be painful & expensive.  I always wanted one too until a friend of mine got one on her ankle.  She said it was horrible.  You can get them removed, some plastic surgeons will remove them with a laser...but that's not cheap either. Have a great day...Linda in western Washington state  

louiseb411 said...

I will send you a link to see where we live when your cruise ship comes to the uk! I would pass out out the thought of a tattoo but good luck if you go for it  Louise xx

lanurseprn said...

The tattoo artist can make the design personalized for you in some way. I like the idea of hippy flowers. LOL!  I used to want a rose on my bum....but I never had the nerve. LOL!
You could live in FL?? OMG It's so humid there! I couldn't live way. I could live up north in OR or WA. and green!
Hope you have a good day. ENJOY slower days. They are what I live for!!

eeofficemgr said...

I have always wanted a tatoo but am too afraid to get one. Still hoping maybe one day I will be brave enough?

bethjunebug said...

Been through stuff like that with the school here in Virginia too. Sometimes its like they just don't care about the kids. I've given up too. We can't win!
Love ya,
Liz in VA

glensfork4 said...

Nashville...close to home (I don't wanna go back yet)

Sorry about the school system....but honestly they all suck in their own ways.

Love to you.


glensfork4 said...

PS....about the tattoo....look at things you wouldn't normally. I got the one on my neck from a gum ball machine (not kidding), another from a book of angels...on & on 13 more....

I have posted pics of "some" of mine if ya wanna take a look.


plieck30 said...

The dragon fly sounds nice. Too bad George beat you to it. Paula

deshelestraci said...

Oh cool!  Thanks for including me on your road trip!  I love a good road trip!  What kind of music are we going to go hear?!
I hate to hear the mess with your son's teacher.  Not fair to anyone!

lv2trnscrb said...

I'm ready for a night on the town!!! next time we will stop by!!

that's a shame about Ryan's teacher; a wasted time if the subs don't know what is up; if they got a long-term sub who knew the material, that would be okay, but not if they keep bringing in new people that don't know what's going on

I would get a tattoo in a heartbeat, but out of respect for my husband, I'm not going to get one (he doesn't like them); I think yours would have been pretty; next time you think of what you want, keep it a secret, LOL


julydarby said...

Just the term "IEP" make my blood run cold! Hang in there... it's you against the world on Ryan's behalf... don't give up the fight! There are times with Austin that I want to just bury my head in the sand and let whatever happens happen. I get so tired of trying to be proactive and on top of things and I get tired of trying to make the schools do what they're supposed to! It's a thankless job but for whatever reason God saw you fit to do it... out of all the people in the world he could have made Ryan's mom, God picked you. There must be something really special in you that nobody else had. *hugs*

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I am sorry you are having problems with Ryans school.I pray things will get worked out.Have a nice evening.

helmswondermom said...

Ooh, have fun with Traci in Nashville!

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, Awwwwwww that really sucks about Ryan's teacher, I have been to Alaska and it's beautiful !!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

rdautumnsage said...

The school royally dropped the ball on Ryan this year. I can't believe George stole your idea for a tatoo... I always say whatever you get, can you see yourself looking at it the same way on wrinkled skin? I would love to live in Alaska, I could learn to live with the cold simply to be able to experience the wildlife and ruggedness of it. (Hugs) Indigo

lurkynat said...

gee That sounds difficult for you and Ryan.
I hope things get better. my sympathies.
Alaska's Dutch Harbor sounds great