Wednesday, April 30, 2008

odd conversations

Lets see... all of the children are at school, Rusty just left for another business trip, the kittens have been fed, and it is going to be a cool day here. We are only going to up near 80.

So over the last few days it seems that all I have done is talk to the girls about sex.

Amber told me that she is going to take one of her friends down to the free clinic so she can birth control. This girl told Amber that her and her boyfriend have been having un protected sex. Amber goes on to tell me that there are so many pregnant girls at her school.

So I ask Amber is her and Sam used condoms. Ambers face lost all of her coloring. I reminded mber that both her and Nikki were conceived on the pill.

Amber said yes we used a rubber and I am still on the pill, but we are not having sex anymore. I told Amber that I can't stop her from having sex, but that she better use all the protection she can because the last thing she needs is a baby.

I go to pick Nikki up from softball. Nikki said that while they were having pictures taken the teachers were talking about all the pregnant kids in the school. There is a total of 24 students that are pregnant in their high school. Nikki also went on to tell me that only half of the seniors will graduate this year.

Well isn't this just wonderful news.

Nikki said that she is still going to wait until she is married to have sex, and that she wants to graduate college before she even thinks about having children. Nikki went on to tell me that if she is not married by 30 she will consider having a child out of wed lock.

What? I just left that one alone. I figure at 16 she does not know what she is talking about. I know that Nikki will find someone with her same values, but at 16.....

Nikki did tell that there is a boy named John that has a crush on her. Nikki said that Rusty might like him because he is on the golf team. I had to laugh. Rusty like a boy that wants to date his daughters. I said " Well him and Rusty can go golf together and then if Rusty does not like him then he can beat him with a club and burry him in a sand pit". Nikki just laughed.

Amber asked Rusty to take a day off and take her up to the college to help her enroll for college and get all the paper work so that she can use Rusty's veterans benefits.

So that will have to be done soon.

Amber also asked Rusty to make an appointment for her tattoo. That's right Amber is getting a tattoo for her 18th Birthday, and Rusty said that he would take her and pay for it.

Amber is going to get a turtle on her foot. My dad use to call Amber a turtle, so that is why Amber chose the turtle.

The other day Nikki asked me what she should say if she encounters war protesters while on her trip across the country.

Wow. I usually just leave them alone unless they get in my face and then I give it right back.

Several years ago while Rusty was in Iraq I went to war protest. The children and I made the front page! Imagine Rusty's shock when he saw that.

What happened was.... there was a group of protesters that started protesting at all of the bases in San Diego and then they were going to work their way up the coast. When they got to Pendleton the protesters got more then they bargained for.

There is nothing worse then a bunch of pissed off, sexually deprived marine wives. So we all got together and stood right there at the main gate protesting the protesters.

Today I am hoping not to talk about sex with my children. I am hoping to get all of the laundry folded, and get the house cleaned up a little bit.

On a good note, the kittens are now litter box trained and eating out of a saucer! I am so thrilled to not have to bottle feed them any more. The kitten should be going back to the shelter in mid June, so they can be adopted.


eeofficemgr said...

I don't know if we can really ever educate our teenagers enough about sex.  I can we can only hope that they listen to us.  We were prom shopping a few weeks ago and there was a girl trying on dresses trying to find one that would hide the fact that she was pregnant.  Her mom would say either you look pregnant or you can't tell in that dress, it was really sorta sad.  Oh well enjoy your 80 degree weather.

deshelestraci said...

Glad you're talking to your girls.  Our moms never said boo about the subject.  Well at least mine didn't.  I plan on talking about it plenty with the girls.  24 girls is very sad indeed.
Good for Nikki getting to go tour the country this summer!  Sounds like fun!

lv2trnscrb said...

Kelli; it is wonderful you talk to them about sex! a lot of parents don't and kids get such misinformation; that's probably why half of those kids are pregnant at school; that is sad, though

I worry a lot about the STDs; seems like there are so many out there these days and physicians routinely screen for them, not even high risk cases any more, but almost any one that goes in for an exam.

My son can probably give me verbatim the "safe sex" talk I gave to him a lot when he was in high school; now at 19, we rarely talk so sex is the last thing I want to bring up when we do have the chance to talk

I think it is awesome Amber is getting a tattoo! my son got one when he was 18.5 years old; I'd get one but my husband doesn't like them and out of respect to him, I won't get one (he says its up to me if I get one or not, but out of respect, I'll honor his wishes)


julydarby said...

Whenever anything sex related comes up I act like Rainman in the airport. I cover my ears and freak out. I know this is a luxury that mothers of girls don't have and I really shouldn't have it myself. I just can't. think. about. it.
I love that you guys are so open and honest...

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))That is good that you talk to your daughters about sex and they can talk to you.

rdautumnsage said...

Aren't those conversations lovely(winks)...Skye was in her Jr. year when she came to me and asked me to sign a absentee form for her. I was a little confused as I had thought she went to school that day. When she told me she went to Planned Parenthood with a friend , I was floored. In the end I was relieved my daughter was pretty much knowledgable about things. Her friend had had unprotected sex the night before and came to Skye saying she was scared and worried. Skye took herself and friend out of school right then and there and they went to PP for the morning after pill (At the time I didn't even know such things existed)...Even now she is careful not to get pregnant until after her husband comes back from Iraq. I'm relieved she doesn't need to have to raise a baby by herself. (Hugs) Indigo

mortonlake said...

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springangel235 said...

Sensitive subject but all was handled well and must be discussed.  Sounds like a busy time there...hope you have a lovely end to your week...hugs and love,

glensfork4 said...

I talk to my daughter all the time about sex - better me, than some horny little boy right? I agree...I am not naive to think she will never have sex (that is ridiculous) BUT I will take precautions for she knows.

Have a good one!!!!


helmswondermom said...

At least you can talk to your daughters about sex, and they talk to you.  Too many parents just won't make that effort.

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I love how you and your kids can be open with each other about talking about sex, Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

WOW times have changed. When I was a kid in high school and a girl got pregnant, she had to go to the "other school" for the "bad girls." That was motivation alone not to get pregnant.
I used to say if I wasn't married by 35 I was going to have a kid on my own, too! But, that wasn't necessary....obviously. LOL!

gehi6 said...

Well, this talk about sex was a lot funnier than they usually are.  I was pretty shocked to hear that 24 gilrs are pregnant in their high school.  That seems like a lot.  What were they thinking?  Well, I guess not thinking. Your girls sound more sensible anyway Nikki. I do think that some protesters need protesters to protest them!  Sounds like this was the case.  But I bet you have shocked Rusty quite a few times in your married life with what you do.  Well, that is probably why he cannot lose interest in you!  Gerry