Tuesday, April 8, 2008

up way to early

I woke up at 3:30 this morning! What in the world are you suppose to do at 3:30 in the morning? I made the coffee, fed the cats, started the laundry and check my mail. Now what? I can't do to much other wise I will wake everyone else up!

I have two sick little kittens. Twist is so constipated that he is impacted. Great. So now he is on laxatives. This should be so much fun once those hit. He also have gunk eye and I have to put ointment on his eyes twice a day.

Nutmeg also has gung eye and something called urine scolding. Yes it is as painful as it sounds. For some reason this kittens urin is so strong that it is burning its own skin. So I have to rub it down with antibacterial cream.

I thought I must be something wrong since none of my other litters have had this problem, but it turns out that it is the formula. How in the world did I find the only two kittens that would be bothered by the only kitten decent kitten formula on the market.

So now on top of everything else I have to try to get them to drink more water and eat pumpkin baby food! I am still trying to figure out how to get down the kittens throat!LOL

I hope I do not go into sticker shock when I go to buy baby food.

In all of my spare time I have been working on this special blanket for my mom. It is in the shape of a fish. I thought "Oh this will be so cute since my mom has redone one of her in a tropical theme".

Rusty asked me last night how long I have been trying to just get the pieces cut out. I shot him the look of death. I swear my mom better like this blanket.

I have however finally got all of the pattern cut out and some of the pieces. I might actually be able to start sewing on it next week.

One of the marines called me yesterday and everyone is doing good. Two of the marines are just so cute. They wanted to know how to wash the quilts. I was like well with soap and water? I guess they are scared to send the quilts out to be washed. They think that someone might take them, so they are going to try to wash them byhand. I would love to see a picture of this.

Today we are heading off to Columbus Ohio to pick up pengboo. Pengboo if you have a journal and would like for me to share your link please send it to me.

I have been to Columbus Ohio a few times and I liked that city.

It also seems that just about everyone voted to steal a cruise ship. We will not have to worry about pirates. First of all we all need to remember that Rusty sells arms and ammunition. Second of all who would want to try to take over a ship that is load down with females who have pms and are trying to get away from men! Oh I would pity those pirates.




lisa41076 said...

Kelli, Wow 3:30 is hella early !!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the kittens feel better soon, Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

Wow you did get up early! Maybe you can take a nap today. Hope the kitties feel better. Take a pic of the fish quilt, ok? It sounds great!

deshelestraci said...

I love you comment about pity the poor pirates!  Too funny!  Hope the kittens are improving.  Pumpkin baby food?  Does it exsist?!

momiscool2 said...

LOL - the pirates would want to walk the plank to get away from us - and we have the animals to scratch their eyes out (well they can up if the woman don't lol)

Hope you get a nap in today!
And hope the kitties get well fast!


plieck30 said...

Well Kelli I don't have pms (thank goodness) but I can be a grouchy old woman and I have a cow with horns. So good of you to take such good care of the kitties. Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

LOL, that is so true about those pirates and a bunch of PMSing women!! that was my morning laugh for sure! Can you dilute the pumpkin some high with water so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone for the kittens? poor little ones; that is hard on you and them.

that quilt for your mom sounds pretty; take a picture of it when you get it done


pengboo said...

Didn't you just love our 75 deg temps today?  So glad it didn't rain :)

magran42 said...

Poor little things!  You are such a good MOM even to furry things.

helmswondermom said...

It sounds like the road trip is going great!  By the way, have you heard from many of your marines who recently shipped out?  I hope all of them are doing okay.

gehi6 said...

I think you are a jolly captain of this road trip.  You will force the travelers to laugh if nothing else.  I do not blame those soldiers for not daring to send their quilts out.  I was always afraid my precious sister Ann ones would get stolen.  I wore one of hers to tatters.  If your mother has good sense she will act like she loves your quilt because it was a work of love.  We were all so impressed with our sister Ann's dedication to quilt making but she finlly stopped and I can't risk introducing you to her because she is really in too bad of health for another quilting frenzy.  Now she is a severe diabetic we are reduced to buying our comforters to the thrift store.  But never fear, I still have one of hers, and it will go on my bed in the winter until I die.  That is how much it means to me.   Gerry

rdautumnsage said...

Almost all the kittens I've taken care of at one point or another have gunk eye. I feel so bad for them having to deal with that. I try to be extra careful cleaning them up, yet the gunk sticks to the fur around their eyes. Try using a stopper for the Pumpkin baby food. It's a water consistancy so it should work. I actually mix a tablespoon of Pureed Pumpkin in Pickles food every day. It keeps her coat healthy and gives her extra nutrients. (Hugs) Indigo

lurkynat said...

dera Kelli
wow so sorry about the kittens!
gee whiz!
good luck!
Sounds like the blanket will be very pretty!