Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Much needed sex

Rusty and I have been going in so many different directions and we have not had any time to ourselves. I am so looking forward to going to Vegas.

So last night I give the kittens their bottle and I get them settled down for the night. Then I go and take a bath.

I get out out of the bath and I smear smell good lotion all over my body. Then I say to Rusty "do you know how to make a car sound?"

Rusty gave me the strangest look and say's "no"

I said "Well it is your lose, I was going to practice giving you road head"

That got Rusty's attention and that lead to some sex.

Why is it that I get less sex now? I am married and sleep next to a man every night and I have less sex now then before we got married?

Rusty and I went out for ice cream and starbucks last night. So Rusty get's in my car and say's " Well I see they still don't make windshield washer fluid".

I said " if you don't drive into the sun then you can still see through all the dirt." Rusty just gave me that deep moan that means I am kill you now.

Then Rusty say's "Your car needs a front end alignment"

I kept my mouth shut, but I was thinking "I wonder if it got out of alignment when I took off roading to go look at the poppies?" I knew if I said that out loud I get a bigger moan.

I know that Rusty looks way older then he really is. I am just wondering if I am contributing to it.

Today is going to be the same stuff for me. Tomorrow I have a ton of errands to run and I am thinking about going and getting my hair trimmed. I will have to really think on that one.

But for today I am just going to hang out here at the house.

Today we are heading to south Texas. Paula did not give me a town, so we are going to drive around south Texas until we see an older lady holding her cat!

Pack your bags Paula today is your day to escape.





deshelestraci said...

Girl, you are hilarious!  I can see how you add to Rusty's aging look!!  LOL!

nolefan38 said...

Sooooooooo Funny about a lady holding her cat..............tell her to jump in fast......... hugs, Sherry

glensfork4 said...

Poor Paula.....you may need to watch out, she might want to bring Shelly Marie....(just kidding Paula....I don't mean that hateful)

I think she is from San Antonio.

My hubby does that crap about this needs to be done to your car, this too, blah, blah...I just drive it....you're the man....fix it.


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, you crack me up, Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

I think you are keeping Rusty young....and he loves every minute of it no matter how much he won't admit it LOL!

lv2trnscrb said...

its never a dull moment in your journal, Kelli; I love how you write and what you write about although I have to admit, I did blush just a tiny bit

my husband's the same way about the car; he'll ask me how long I've heard a noise and I'll be "what noise"?

I didn't realize Las Vegas was only 4 hours from you, but then I remember you're close to the major freeway that gets you there


nelishianatl said...

Your stories never fail to bring a smile on my face.  You two are a cute couple.  You are the reason he is this young.  Without you, he'd be aging ever so much faster. You're good for the soul.


magran42 said...

If you think there is less now.......wait til you're 65.

bethjunebug said...

You go girl!!
Love ya,
Liz in Va.

plieck30 said...

I ran to Wal*Mart to get cat litter hope I didn't miss you and your bunch. Like Michele said I may want to bring Shelly Marie. You wouldn't mind would you? Your journal is priceless. Paula

gehi6 said...

Interesting conversation between you and Rusty.  I guess couples have this kind of conversation even when they are old and are not even having any sex.  I have them with Doc, but he has been so uncooporative about getting sobered up that I just think about Jack who knows I think about him, but does not pursue it for which I am grateful, but I think how is this going to play out.  Doc keeps doing nice things like buying this big fancy computer but Jack just looks sexy and that is the part I am missing.  but as long as you are connecting up with Rusty sometimes all will be well, or at least mostly tolerable.  I do hope you have a nice time in Vegas, and I was so impressed with you sitting among the wild flowers that that must have seemed almost worth risking the health of your car.   Rusty has got to have a good sense of humor to be able to appreciate you.  Say hello to Paula for me while you are in Texas.  Gerry

helmswondermom said...

I hope you found Paula.  Just look for Shelly Marie, and she'll tell you where to find her.