Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have been wondering about something. I wonder if people read my journal for shock effect or if because it is real life?

I have written about several things in my journal that might be considered taboo subjects, and yet I got a lot of comments and e mails on them.

Do I write about stuff that goes on all over but no one talks about it? Is it a dirty little secret to have a husband that you are intimate with?

Anyway I was just wondering. I am glad to know that by me writing about these subjects I am finding more people have the same issues that I do.

I got the house cleaned up a little bit and the babies are sleeping.

I had to call Ryan's school this morning. It seems that they told Amber yesterday that she is not allowed to pick Ryan up from the after school program. What? Well, Amber is not 18. Hello she has not been 18 all year and she has picked him up. The school said that I have to pick him up or he can't come to the after school program any more. I have a call into them.

I have to call Ambers school today and call her out tomorrow. She is going to stay home and keep the kittens until George gets off work. However tomorrow is senior ditch day, so I was advised by one of Ambers teachers to call her out today.

I finally got to see Nikki play softball! She had her first home game yesterday and their team won.

Yesterday I sitting there watching Nikkis game and the wind was just whipping. I don't know how long I zoned out but for a while I was another ball field sitting on the bleachers and I was writing Rusty a letter.

I can see this so clearly. It was the last time Rusty was in Iraq and it was Nikki's season playing softball. Rusty was so sad that he was missing it. I would write Rusty letter and then when Nikki would get up to bat I would give Rusty a play by play as to what is going on.

Rusty said he really liked those letters but that they also made him sad. He was missing his daughters first season of softball.

Rusty is going to try to get some time off so that he can see Nikki play this year.

Well I should be paying our bills. I hate paying bills. I think it is a waste of money! Lol, but I still have to do it. Money is not as tight as it was a few months ago, but it is still tight.

Lyn can't pay me to help with the rescue, so I am back to thinking about getting a job. I would need something very early morning or on the night shift. By the time I pay for gas, taxes and child care for Ryan I would not be making any money. If I work nights at least Rusty will be here.

I just don't know what to do? I so want to give my children the world and provide for their every want but I just can't. I sometimes look at my children and just want to cry. I want to know why we can't afford to pay for their trip. Why do other parents not blink an eye at it? Oh well.

O.K. today we are picking up Sharon in Lititz Pa! So Sharon send the day care children home and send all your children to France to be with your ex!

Here is what I am going to do to make money! LOL For some reason this song puts the kittens to sleep.


nolefan38 said...

I find your juornal very down to earth and I can relate to a lot of it........ you are always making me laugh and you do so much wonderful giving back work, I think you are one hell of a women.................... hugs, Sherry
       It seems you are always putting everyone before yourself, you are someone to be amired.

glensfork4 said...

There are so many things I would like to be able to give to my children also & be able to buy stuff for them and just can't either....sometimes that is just how it goes. Think how thankful we are though for what we do have (and want), that we are not spoiled like thankful would be?

I love your tell it how it is & it don't matter...I wish I could do that sometimes.


eeofficemgr said...

I love reading your journal no matter what you write about.

lanurseprn said...

I love what you write about. You are a lot more open about things than I am as far as journaling. You seem to be able to say things that I never could.  I love that about you.
So don't change a thing, ok?

louiseb411 said...

I love reading whatever you write about! Have a good day and can your road trip go across water? Louisex

nelishianatl said...

Can you email me privately and tell me about the traveling game.  I'm out of the loop on that.  

Your subjects aren't taboo.  Some people just aren't as open as you are.  It's nice to hear I'm not alone though.  

Your relationship with your kids and what you do for them and with them keeps me inspired.  

Congratulations to Nikki on her team's win.  YAY!  She sounds like she's really good.


lv2trnscrb said...

Kelli; I read your journal because you make life fun; you have a way of writing that even the bad things you make funny and I like that (not that I'm wishing bad things on you, but you know what I mean). there's some things I thought I wouldn't comment on in people's journals and one is politics, another is if they air their dirty laundry about their spouses and beat them up with their words and sex. nothing wrong with sex, LOL, just little "rules" I play by (glad you still desire your husband after years of marriage :)

I wouldn't call my son out for senior ditch day because he was on probation and he would have had to call his probation officer and then couldn't go anywhere for the rest of the day (that was the rules, no school, stay home). He was out by noon anyway; big day at his school because it was the anniversary of the Columbine tragedy and the night before someone called with a bomb threat. I didn't find that out until afterwards,but they gave students the option of not going to school if they didn't want to.  If he wasn't on probation, I would have called him out :)


momiscool2 said...

I read your blog because I enjoy what you write about.
I think you have an awesome family and that you are an awesome mom.
I also read because I can relate to a lot of what you write about.

But most of all - I read your journal because you are cool - and you make me laugh :)

My grandmother used to always say-  those who" flaunt it don't neccecarrily have it - just because other families might be "paying for their kids trips with no problem, doesn't mean they have it - they're probably in credit card debt lol.


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I read your journal because you are an awesome person and mom and friend too !!!!!!!!!! Love and Hugs Lisa

plieck30 said...

I read your journal because you have a way of making me laugh and that is good plus you do so many worthwhile things. Paula

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I always love reading your Journal,you intrest me with you have to say about your life,family life,I like hearing about your kids.I think you are a good,caring person.I hope I didnt say anything to offend you.I also would like to be added in the travling game.That is neat that you write letters to Rusty.I cant belive they are now telling your daughter not to pick up Ryan,something is worng there.Have a nice day.

ukgal36 said...

I read anything you wrtie so it doesn't bother me...what is travelling game..sems pretty cool...

zoepaul6968 said...

p.s. I also read it because I like the sex stories,Im sorry ok? lol zoe xxxxxxxx

zoepaul6968 said...

ok I dont know about anyone else,but i read your journal because I think its great,( pokes tongue out at everyone because I have the best reason), so is my money in the post? Lol mwahh zoe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

buggieboo1 said...

LOL my kids are safer staying home alone with Brittany in charge, then going to France with Butthead and Floozy!!!!


gehi6 said...

I am glad that some of iyour readers are finding your frankness comforting.  I just get a big kick out of it.  As I always say you have a way of  highlighting the funny side of every day life.  It is a gift. I know that money usually never stretches far enough.  Especially when you have got three teens!  I promise you it will get better as far as bills go.  Gerry  

deshelestraci said...

I love your journal!  I just don't write about sex cuz I'm too much of a weinie!

helmswondermom said...

Oh, I believe I've mentioned a time or two in my journal sharing some quality time with Thomas.  I don't write about it as much as I think of writing about it though.  I'm no prude about it, though.  We've been married for almost 21 years, and we still very much enjoy our time together, and I think that's something to celebrate.  As a matter of fact, we quite often remark to one another, "People actually can get TIRED or BORED with this??"  lol

lurkynat said...

dear kelli,
hey!:) great entry
I think it is great that your entry is about real life!