Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I wanna work with the marines!

CJ stopped by last night and he was telling me that on Thursday he is going to be working for the base chaplain. He is going to be sorting toys! I told CJ that I want to go do that! I think it would be fun, not to mentioned that I have not worked with the marines in a while.

Today is errand day. I have a list of things I need to get done and a list of things to buy. I only need to get Ryan a few more things and then I am done Christmas shopping.

I would love to tell you guys what I got Rusty, but I can't because he sometimes read my journal. I will say that every year I only get Rusty one thing. That one thing must be something that he would not buy for himself, and it must shock him that I would think to do it for him.

Nikki was in the Christmas program at church. I am so proud of her! Nikki did such an awesome job, and she worked so hard. The play was s et in the 1940's and when I saw Nikki all dressed up I thought of my grandmother. Nikki looked just like my grandmother.

I can remember spending hours looking at old pictures and think about how classy the women looked. Then when I saw Nikki I was just so shocked.

My grandmother died 2 day's before Nikki's first birthday. My grandmother never held Nikki, or rocked her or even saw her. But the other night I could see my grandmother standing right there in front of me.

This year I exchanged cards with a lady in the U.K. We had a race on to see who's card would get their quicker. My card got to her first. The U.K. must have a super fast postal service!

I have been talking with Rusty about getting Nikki a phone as a santa gift. Rusty has been holding out because he is not super sure that Nikki will pay the bill, and because the phones are expensive. Well yesterday I found a phone that is $49.99 and it has a $30 mail in rebate! So Rusty said that I could order it as Nikki's Santa gift. Nikki is going to be so happy! Then again Santa always brings the cool stuff!

I must sorry to everyone back east. That storm that hit you guys was the same storm that was here last weekend.

I was going to load some pictures of Nikki, but it is taking way to long! I will have to do that later. I need to get my ass in gear and get my busy day started.



lifes2odd said...

LOL! I just love the cartoon at the bottom! Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Hope you have a great and productive day. Martha :-)

magran42 said...

Can't wait to see the pics of Nikki ! ! !

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, ca'nt wait to see the pictures, Hugs Lisa

helmswondermom said...

It sounds like you are having a great day already!

louiseb411 said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures and I hope my card get there soon Louise xx

am4039 said...

I hope Rusty likes his gift. To bad he sometimes reads your journal.

plieck30 said...

Well now that is one funny Christmas cartoon. Paula

rdautumnsage said...

Doc reads my journal too. I have to admit it has brought us closer together. Those things I find I can't share openly, yet have no problem writing about help him stay on top of what is going on with me. I try to do the same thing with Gifts for Doc. Although this year he found one of them early. Sigh....every try hiding something from a guy going through his second childhood. Loved the toon at the bottom , I have that one in my graphics archives too. (Hugs) Indigo

lurkynat said...

love you Kelli!
what a wonderful entry!