Thursday, December 13, 2007

lets pray

Oh Lord help me not to kill my teenagers. I do however hope that one day they have children just like them.

Please help me not to smack the marines for making stupid mistakes. While their parents would probably cheer me on for smacking them I need to remember that they are "adults". Yea right whatever!

I thought I was done running around. Then Ryan came in and gave me a note saying that he could bring something for the Christmas party tomorrow. So today it was back to the store. Do you have any idea how hard it is to buy for one autistic child? Then I had to buy for 10 of them!

I did manage to get the kitchen cleaned up today. It so needed a good scrub down. I even went through the cabinets and cleaned them out. I am so amazed how much shit we have. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to clean out our hall closet.

Tomorrow I am also going to go by a friends house. We will put the kettle on and talk about sewing. I have not gotten any sewing done as of late, but I can still talk about it right?

I have been calling the parents of the marines that are going to be here for Christmas. I asked them to please send the gifts here, so that way they will have gifts under the tree. Well today a box arrived for our marines that are twins. I have no idea what they got, but whatever it is they got the same thing! LOL I had to laugh. I know they will be surprised on Christmas morning.

Tonight is soup and sandwich night. I am cold and tired. I do not want to cook, so I figure soup and sandwiches are easy.

I have been knitting a lot the past week and now my fingers are killing me. I guess they are not as nimble as they use to be. Oh well, I am going to go curl up with the t.v. and do some knitting.

If my fingers fall off will I still have to cook and clean?



glensfork4 said...

LOL....naw without fingers....but on the other hand my daughter Bobbi played softball with a girl that no fingers on her left hand. She caught right handed, would put the the mitt under her left arm, grab the ball with her right hand and throw it. She played 1st base. She also played basketball....

Have a great night...I wish I remembered how to crochet....but I can x-stitch


nelishianatl said...

Yes, you will still have to cook and clean because someone will give you prosthetic hands and still make you do it.  I have to do the exact same scrub down and my hall closet and front closet has had stuff just thrown in there for months.  Now it's my turn to get with it.  I have done NO sewing as my sewing machine's tension is messed up.  Frustrating beyond belief.  That's so sweet that you baby the Marine's like that and I had to smile that you feel like smacking the big tough guys.  Teenagers age you fourty years.  I have one more to do.  The four year old at my house with the smart mouth at times, will be fourteen with a smarter mouth one day if we can't curb some stuff right now.  Here's a distraction, keep ME in your prayers.  One teenager, coming up. lol


lifes2odd said...

Sounds like you had a productive day! I promise I'll pray that you won't kill your teenagers -- and I too hope they have children just like them, LOL!
We're going to have another challenge tomorrow if you want to play. You have to go check out our comment thread...,
It makes the "to do" list fun and helps with motivation too!
Martha :-)

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I'm coming over for soup and sandwiches, thank you for your card, Hugs Lisa

emabecmar said...

i got a 6yr old with a msart mouth, but she knows i start counting to 3 and reach it she is in for it, so i get as far as 2 now and she is quiet, lol. have a good weekend.

lanurseprn said...

You are so funny when you get fed up with your kids. You always make me laugh. I hope tomorrow is a better day.
Have fun visiting with your sewing buddy.

nay0114 said...

I love to sit and do needlepoint or crochet, but my fingers go numb and throb so I don't do it as often anymore and I miss it especially on a cold evening.
Take care, Chrissie

gehi6 said...

You always make me laugh, you are such a spirited commentator.  And make jokes all the time about your trials and tribulations.  I like that attitude even though I know that at times you are truly tried.  I just hope that it is not too bad and you will also survive to write again.  Gerry

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))You have 2 twin marens staying in your house?Kool.That is so special of you to have the parents drop off there presants so they can unwrap something.

rdautumnsage said...

Oh I remember that prayer well. I had to remind myself of it today visiting Skye's townhouse apt. for the first time. Sigh.....remember when we were young starting out??? We didn't have the best of everything, let alone could afford it. She is only working 30 hours at Wal-Mart, her Fiance is starting his 3 job in so many months (I hope he sticks to one soon). Yet they are taking on a 600$ Townhouse, 3 brdrms. A brand new Blazer, a gas guzzler for sure. Not to mention utilities, phones, Etc. I want to smack her upside the head and tell her to slow down. The first time one of them lose thier job they won't be able to afford to keep up with everything.......Sigh, she's an adult right???? I swear common sense has flown the coup.....

I think it's a wonderful idea having the Marines present sent their. I'm sure they will be delighted come Christmas morning. (Hugs) Indigo

deshelestraci said...

My fingers hurt for a few days when I started knitting.  Thought I was the only one!