Thursday, August 17, 2006

good day?

Today was not to bad of a day.

My dads nurse came today. She did not tell us anything that we did not know. The skin is breaking down, he is taking fewer breaths, and for us to try to keep him comfortable.

The nurse did ask me if my mom is ready to have an aid come in a few times a week. I think that she should take the help. So I am going to talk to my mom about it this weekend and then the nurse is going to mention it on Monday.

We were suppose to get some rain this afternoon so I went for a walk earlier then I normally do. Anyway, I saw a man training a horse so I stopped to watch him. Then the man rode the horse over and I asked him what the horses name was. He told me that the horse was named macho and that he is being trained for a rodeo. The macho was tapped on the neck on he took a bow! The man said that he had to bow when he was introduced to a pretty lady. LOL I just laughed. I was very impressed with how well the horse was trained.

Today my mom and I did not do to much. No friend or family stopped by so that was nice.

Tonight I was helping my mom get my dad ready for bed. We had to scoot him up and then try to get him on his side. My mom told my dad to roll over towards me. Then my dad looked at me and looked back at my mom and said " If I roll towards Kelli I am going to hit her". Then he made a fist and took a swing at me.

I did however for a brief moment make my dad happy. I brought him a chocolate chip cookie, and he smiled.

Oh, my body must be under more stress then I know. I have started my third period this month! I better not get another period for a few more months!


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seraphoflove9001 said...

Your are so nice! Animals can sense it, and the horse being so nice to you is great! :o) Oh my...3 periods in 1 month....I'd say you are under a lot of stress...whew! So sorry hun. I'm still praying for you and your family.