Thursday, August 10, 2006

I took the night shift

First I must say that I am going nuts with no animals!

Last night I slept in the same room as my dad. I told my mom to go get some sleep, so I took the night shift.

My dad was so funny last night. I woke up several times to check on him and every time he had his hand stretched out and was holding on to my blanket! he was watching me sleep! If I left his room he would ask me if I was going to leave him.

Today he did not know who I was most of the day.

My mom found some old pictures of my dad from when he was a child. So we are working on scanning all of them into the computer. My mom says I look just like my father, but I do not see it.

I started working another quilt today. I hope this one turns out really cute! The will be the first one I have ever done where all of the pieces are diamonds.

As for my journal buddies in the u.k. I am so happy that Scotland yard caught those people. I only wish that we could all get along and stop killing people! Anyway my hat is off to Scotland yard.

I must say that I happy I did my flying yesterday!

Why is it that the police in the u.k. are from Scotland yard? I guess I am wondering why they are not from the u.k. yard?

I asked my mom if dad has tried smoking some weed to help with his pain. In the early day's he did, but not in the past few years. Then they gave him some medicine that was weed based but he did not do good on it.

So I mentioned to my mom that we could bake the weed into some brownies! If my mom asks me to go buy some weed I am going to laugh!

Just remember "Good women rarely make history!"


seraphoflove9001 said...

Still praying for your dad. My Aunt's doctor told her to get some weed and smoke it for her pain. She had breast cancer. It did help. I wish people could all get along...and my hat is off to the Scottland Yard as well.

beckiepainton said...

Hi, i just happened upon your journal, just to confuse things more, Scotland Yard is in London!!!Beckieboo.