Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my sister is stupid!

  So, my sister comes over today and mentions that her cat had kittens last night. The first thing that went through my mind was " why isn't your cat fixed?" I hate it when people do not fix their pets. lets face it their are pets in the shelters that would love a good home.

Anyway Let me get off my soap box and back to the story. Then about an hour after she leaves she calls to tell us that all of the kittens are dead! She said " I don't know what happened. They all have bite marks in them! No, I did not put the dogs away. I left the mom and her kitten in the box in the living room. Our dogs would never harm them". my sister win the award for being stupid!

Today I decided that I needed to do something nice for someone else. I bought five marines lunch today. They were so shocked! I said " what? hasn't anyone done anything nice for you guys before?" I just love surprising people.

My dad is still hanging in there. Today was not a good day. His right lung is almost all gone.

I must say that I was very good today and I did not strangle my sister or her child today. I did however get to know her boyfriend and I do actually like him.

I am going to go fold my laundry, and then take a bath. I hope everyone had a good day!


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seraphoflove9001 said...

aaawww...poor kittens. And how nice you are to treat the marines with lunch! I'm still praying for your dad and your family. :o)