Thursday, August 31, 2006


So, over the past few days the girls and I have been talking. They asked me if I asked me if I had talked to my mom about the "kaily" issue. I told them yes and I told them what was said.

Then when I got to the part about being a good mom and I told them that I was not a good mom since I allowed a man to beat them and I use to steal food just to feed them. Both of the girls said nothing.

Today I asked Rusty if he thought that the girls think I am a bad mom. Rusty just said that he does not think that the girls think that. He said that the girls probably did not even know that I would steal food just to food them.

Weather I was a good mom or not really does matter much. I did and still doing the best that I can.

Amber got her first job today! She is working at this little mom and pop pizza place. I am so proud of her!

Now that Amber has a job, Rusty is going to sign her up driving classes!

I would like say a big thanks to everyone who has left me some really nice post.

Yes I am a very cheap person! I DO want something for nothing! LOL I knew if I asked around long enough that I would find someone would let me have some paving stones. I just cannot stand to go spend on stuff that other people are throwing away, So that is why I look real hard for free stuff.

Anyway, the cleaning is calling my name!


lv2trnscrb said...

you are a good mom; you did what you had to do to feed them. I've never been in that position and if I was, I don't know what I would do, but I know that I would have done whatever it took to make sure my kidlets had something to eat.

Congrats to Amber for getting her first job!! (funny, my son is working at a pizza place too :) Good luck with the driving classes, but once they start driving and you feel comfortable with them driving (it takes time but it does happen) it frees you up soooo much. When my son started driving, I gained an extra hour every school day not having to take him/pick him up from school.

You are doing good; remember you are a good mom.

Also, have you looked into Freecycle? You can sign up for them through Yahoo groups. Basically people post what they are giving away for free and whoever wants it (usually whoever emails them first) can get it. When we were moving, I gave away lots of stuff that way. Let me know if you need help finding one in your area (go to - click on groups - do a search for Freecycle in your area, see if anything comes up and join that group)


jeadie05 said...

I'd say you are a good Mum ,even stealing to make sure your kids are fed ,.,.,shows you cared ,.,.,.,.,Jan xx

seraphoflove9001 said...

You are a great mom! :o) Yes, I was in that position for awhile when my son and I lived in Chicago. I would get packages of crackers, jelly's and things like that from resturaunts so we could have something to eat....mainly him. He is now 24, and will tell me how great of a mom I was....even for doing what I had to do for him to eat....he remembers and down deep knew I was doing it to keep him healthy. I'm grateful that since he is now 24 that he can see the past and realize the things I had to do to make sure his belly was full. :o) God bless you!

lindachapmanuk said...

of course you are a great mum! omg! you fed them didnt you! Linda xx