Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ask and you shall recieve.

Well tomorrow is Ryans birthday. He will be 13! I am not sure if I am ready to have 3 teenagers in the house. But ready or not here it comes.

Amber is now hating school. I guess some girls are really picking on her and one of her so called friends have started joining these girls.

Amber is picked on because she is 5'9" and is still as skinny as a rail. Amber is picked on because she talks to the "retarded" children and does not let people pick on them. Amber is picked on because she does not hang out with the cool kids and does not wear brand name clothes.

I however give Amber credit. Amber talks to the "retarded" children because she has a brother who is "retarded". Amber buys clothes that she can afford and those do not come with fancy labels.

Nikki is bitching because I volutold her to help my property manger do some work. Nikki does not have a job yet, so she does not know what it is to work for money. She is going to find out this week. Nikki is also mad because I am making her put half of the money towards her trips.

I do not blame Nikki for being upset. Once she turns 16 and gets a job she will realize what it is like to have money and how hard you have to work for it and how far it does not go. Nikki just has not gotten that life lesson yet. Amber on the other happy to work, and not have to pay taxes on it! Amber has learned that lesson.

Ryan and I went rounds and rounds this morning. Rusty finally told me to stop beating a dead horse

Every morning I have to look Ryan over and make sure that he has on nice clothes. This morning his socks did not match and he had holes in his jeans. I sent him back up to change. He comes down in pj  bottoms. I sent him back up to change, and this time I followed. Ryan finally put on a pair of shorts.

I go through this every morning. Iwas so hoping that age would change this but I cant look at his birth age. His mental age is about 8 or 9, so I guess he is acting his age.

Today I am going to finish up some laundry and then I have some running around to do. I still need to go buy a cake mix, so I can make Ryan a birthday cake. I still have no idea what to get Ryan for his birthday. What do you get a kid that plays with nothing? I did get him a new bedding set. It has helicopters on it so I am sure that he will like it. However I know that no kid wants new bedding for his birthday.

Oh well, it is time for me to hit the ground running.


momiscool2 said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Can you get him a game for his playstaion?

I know how you feel about tkids not caring what they want to where  I have had to send Brian back up to change a number of times too.

These kids don't care what they where-  and hygine is a joke for them.
I amost have to pin Brian down to make him go use deoderant.

He likes his hair buzzed so he doen't ahve to do do anything - like comb it. lol

Hang in there.


lv2trnscrb said...

tell Amber I'm proud of her for talking with the kids no one else normally talks to and being compassionate and kind to them; that will go farther in her life that hanging with the "cool" kids who are a bunch of insensitive kids who only have what their parents give them and don't want to work for anything more. Tell her after she graduates, she won't probably see the majority of these "cool" kids again and in 10 years when she goes to a high school reunion, they will still want to be 'cool' but she will be "cool" because she's done something with her life (can you tell I hate the drama of high school). Have her count down the days before she graduates, its probably less than she thinks. I saw her picture; she's gorgeous!

Nikki- she'll learn soon enough about having a job, LOL

Ryan - happy birthday to him!!! does he like to put together simple models, paint, puzzles??


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I guess I should be greatful hat I was in a highschool that alot of the kids,regular kids were pretty nice to us,even to the retared kids.I hate using that word.I am proud of Ambr,She is growing up into a fine lady,so is Nikki,I just hope She comes around and learns that life lesson.

julydarby said...

I have not gotten Ryan's birthday package in the mail yet... but maybe he will enjoy having a drawn out birthday???
The biggest problem I have with having teenagers is they don't realize that when you put a hormonal teenager up against a hormonal premenopausal woman, the teenager is going DOWN!
Amber is gorgeous and if anyone is picking on her it's because they're flat out jealous.
Cody's only fight in school (so far - and he's a senior) was when someone was picking on his friend Andrew's big sis who is "retarded". They called me from the principal's office to tell me what he had done and I said, "good. I would expect nothing less from Cody". I told Cody any and every time he saw someone treating someone badly for that reason he had my permission to kick their ass. So far, it's only had to be that one time but Cody never ever flinched, even when Ashley (his friend's big sis) would jump up and down and clap and scream his name across the cafeteria. He's proud to know her, as he should be.
Amber will make it a lot further in this world because of her compassion than those heffa's will who make fun of her. Tell her I said so! Karma is a boomerang.
Love and hugs to my favorite hippy fam!

lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli,
thanks so much for your comment in  my blog!
Kelli you are such a great mom!
Wow! I hope that Ryan has a great birthday!
I hope that the kids realize what a great mom they have and I hope that you get a break!

deshelestraci said...

I have to agree with one of your commentors.  The only reason anyone would have to be mean to one of your daughters is pure jealousy.  No other reason.  She sounds like a great kid.  
Poor you and Ryan.  That sounds like a frustration for both of you!  

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, wish Ryan a Happy Birthday for me, I agree with the other readers that the other girls are jealous of Amber, Hugs Lisa

plieck30 said...

Good for Amber. I know the problem of picking presents for kids with a problem as you may remember my husband's youngest brother was retarded. He loved to pretend he could pick a guitar with TV music and he loved his rocking chair. Other then those clothes were about the only thing we could think of. Happy birthday Ryan, Paula

lanurseprn said...

Does he like art? Or music? Maybe some CD's or some paints?
I agree with your previous commenters...they are jealous of your daughter plain and simple. Tell her to keep on talking to those other kids...they appreciate it a lot.
Hugs..Pam xoxox

buggieboo1 said...

Sorry Amber is being picked on! BUT good for amber talking to the LD kids...
Brittany talks to the LD kids and doesn't give a rats ass who makes fun of her for doing it!
It just means Amber is a better person and has a good heart!


helmswondermom said...

It sounds to me like Amber is a great girl, and there are some very jealous girls ganging up on her.  Both your girls will do well in life, with the life lessons you have provided for them or made sure they took the opportunity to experience.