Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the phone is not ringing

Yesterday I thought I was going to scream. My cell phone did nothing but ring. I was trying to make calls and then someone would beep in.

I was standing at the sink eating dinner at 7 p.m. and people were still calling me. I finally just turned my phone off. For the record I did turn it back on today.

So far today it has not been that bad. I should have known that by volunteering my phone would be ringing like crazy.

Today I went and got my car registered. I did not go down to base. I just called them and asked for an extension. I can't see wasting gas just for one little thing.

I also had to go get copies made for Nikki and run a few other errands.

I am going to spend the rest of the day just doing some stuff around here. I have been running around like crazy and not really taking care of my family.

I keep hearing that it is important to eat dinner as a family. I was even criticized for because we don't eat dinner together. This person said to me " well how are you going to know what your children are up to and when do you spend quality time with them?" My answer was less then nice.\

Then this morning I heard on the radio that the average family only eats together once a week. Heck we do not even do that! Like I said earlier I was eating a taco while standing in front of the kitchen sink.

So that got me to thinking, which is never a good thing. If we wait until everyone is home to eat dinner we might not be eating dinner until 9 p.m.

Am I the only mom that has children going in a million different directions and a husband who works crazy hours? I am strange because we don't eat together, or is our family becoming the norm?

Oh crap could our family be normal? I will have to change that. Sorry I was just thinking while I am typing.



momiscool2 said...

That picture kind of looks like my family lol.
We have a similar problem with eating together - it just doesn't happen. everyone has a different schedule.
Plus an ADD kid, a high functioning autistic son and a Pita 16 yr old just can't get along through a meal rith out a war - so I've decided its not worth losing my sanity over it lol

helmswondermom said...

We try to eat a sit-down dinner at the table each night, but sometimes it's just impossible.  We make do.  We make it work for us, and I'm sure that's what you do, too.  The kids love eating together at the table, and they have never taken it for granted, which is good.

plieck30 said...

Growing up we always ate together as a family and at about the same exact time. Then when I married and had kids my husband worked such long hours or stayed somewhere talking the girls and I just ate when we wanted and then I warmed his up later. We did always have our pancakes together on Sunday morning. Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

the concept of a family dinner is nice provided the kids would talk; mine hardly did as they got older to share their days; you sound like you know what your kids are up to; I wouldn't worry about not sitting down together to share a meal

I'll look forward to that mail you are sending me:)


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, my family never ate together except for holidays, Hugs Lisa

deshelestraci said...

We eat dinner together more than 5 nights a week.  BUT  mine are 7 and 4.  No place to go for them!

springangel235 said...

I hp[e the calls slow down some...been there done that, on trying to make a call and it keeps beeping that someone is calling me.  I heard the same thing on families eating together only once a sad that is.  
Hope you have a lovely end to your week...hugs and love,

glensfork4 said...

I know that dinner as a group is a good thing, but in my opinion if that is the only time you talk to your children to find out what is going on...what kind of relationship do you have to start with???  

I believe your relationship with your children is awesome!!! I would like to know if the ones eating dinner together really know eachother??? TRULY KNOW.

Have a great one....


gehi6 said...

Funnee. My family was always eating at odd hours, in front of the TV set usually.  Even Doc and I eat at different times down to his place.  When we feel like it.  We don't eat together as a family even though each other is all we have got in here.  So I think you are the norm but show that person who told you that picture f the dinner you gave all those people.  That was sure a lot of togetherness while eating.  Most people never participate in a dinner like that.  Reminded me of  the old country days.   Gerry

sunnyside46 said...

your picture made me laugh!
when my kids were little I made sure we all ate dinner together and often it was miserable! Seems like none of us are at our best at that time!>O> we did other things together, like go for walks, that worked better. NOw, when we eat together,we like it.