Friday, March 28, 2008

Up and moving...but not so fast

Well the kittens have had their breakfast and they are now sleeping. Amber and Ryan are still sleeping, and Rusty is at work. Right now I would normally be cleaning something, but my hips are killing me today!

I checked the weather report and we are not getting any rain soon, so i do not know why my hips hurt so bad.

When I was giving birth to Nikki my hips popped out of place. The doctor was kind enough to leave them out until after Nikki was born. Now they pop out of place all the time and I swear I have arthritis in them.

Yesterday Amber took Ryan up to the pool. They were gone for a few hours and then when they walked in the door and Amber had this strange look on her face. Amber said "Well mom I now understand you a little bit better. When I walk into a room and see staring at Ryan what the "what the F*** look and your face and breathing very deeply."

O.K. now Amber has my attention. I said "What happened?"

Amber said "I put sunscreen on Ryans hands and told him to rub it in. So he rubbed his hands together and then said "is this good?"

I just laughed at her. For once someone else was in my shoes. I reminded Amber that you have to say rub this on your legs, now on your chest, now on your arms......

Yesterday I asked Nikki if she still planned on going to the Navel academy to get her engineering degree.\

Nikki said "Yes, nothing has changed there. I want to get my engineering degree, then go into the Navy with the Marine option, and then I want to go to the mission field."

I asked Nikki if she had found a summer job yet. Nikki told me no, but that she wants to talk to some contractors and see if any of them would take her under their wing and teacher everything they know. I think this is a good idea.

I heard from one of the marines yesterday and he said that everyone out there is doing good. I was so glad to hear that.

I finished the blanket for Lewis and he should be leaving with in a few weeks. Lewis is happy that he will be with his twin.


So today we are going to Essexville, Michigan. So Michelle pack your bags and leave the winter clothes there!

Here is a memory that you guys will laugh at, but I still to this day not find funny. I was little. Maybe 3 or 4? For whatever reason my parents took us to Michigan. It was so cold there!

Now I don't remember this part of the story so according to my mom, I wanted to go see the ducks. So my father took me outside to see the ducks. My mom was watching from the hotel window.

I do remember be surround by ducks.

I do not remember this, but according to my dad a duck made it's noise and it scared me so bad that I jumped in the lake or pond. My dad went in after me.

I remember my dad handing me to my mom, but that is it. To this day I hate ducks and they scare me. When I take the children down to the lake to fed the ducks I stay away from the water.

Why? I don;t know. I know how to swim now, but man I am still scared of ducks!

Michelle are you ready to go? I could not find the link to your journal, so please e mail it to me and I will add it.

Wow you live in a small town!


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, Awwwwwww glad the kittens are fed, I love ducks, there are a whole bunch of them here, have a good Friday, Love and Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

Wow that incident really stuck with you if you are STILL afraid of ducks! LOL! Hope you have a good day.

eeofficemgr said...

I will be waiting, it is freezing here today but sunny :).  Yep is a small town.  My journal is private, but my link is  michelles-rantings  I did just take it off being private.  I am sooooo excited for you to pick me up


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))HAve a nice weekend.

glensfork4 said...

I don't believe I am the Michele you are talking about, but I am waiting patiently for my are closer though.

lv2trnscrb said...

cute story about the ducks; hope my ducks picture the other day didn't cause too much anxiety for you :)

can Nikki come over and talk some sense into my kid? I've never seen someone so focused like she is for her career at her age!! everybody is hiring here, too bad you guys don't live closer to where I am at

Amber and Nikki will be more (and are more) compassionate having a special needs brother than their friends who don't, but it can be exasperating at times; my kid has a sensitivity about him around certain people that others would shun

sorry your hips are hurting; must be all that RV driving :)


gehi6 said...

I laughed at Amber's story about Ryan. Now she can apprecaite what you do better. I think my sister Linda is handicapped who has lost her temper so many times and screamed at me sometimes for hours.  I had to think of her as handicapped somewhow to be able to put up with it, and above all get over one of her explosions. She just had a minor explosion over my memoirs, writing about her.  She sees red and nothing can stop her from going after you.  She has been told many times to try to learn to control her temper, but I do not believe she wilil ever be able to change much.  That's why I tend to thin these things are mostly inherited. I was fortunate to inherit a calm temperment as was my sister Ann.  I don't know what you call what she's got.  How is Ryan's temper?   I also got my hip thrown out when my daughter was born and it seemed like it took years and the chiropracter to get it back in to stay.  It still hurts sometimes.  Yes, you have probably got arthritis in the joints now. Gerry  

plieck30 said...

Cute story about the ducks. Glad your Dad was close by. Paula

nelishianatl said...

I am out of the loop on the traveling game.  That story about the ducks is quiet funny.  I can just imagine your Dad having to get into the water and hand a wet dripping child off to your Mom.  I don't like geese.  Ducks I don't mind.  

Sounds like you may have arthritis. My knee pops in and out at will.