Monday, March 24, 2008

we are not beavers

This weekend was so very uneventful and I loved it.

George made a play list of ocean sounds. So we did our usual nude tanning while listening to the sound of the ocean. We even had a nice little breeze, so it was as close to the beach as we were going to get.

Then we all decided to go hike out to the falls. I was so happy when I could see water from the road! We had so much fun just walking around the falls and in the pool.

George and I tried to build a damn, but we did not to much luck with that one! I said to George " I guess we are not beavers". Oh wait! Are we dumber then the average beaver?

Our children are off school this week. I am thinking that it might not be to bad this year. Now that Amber can drive, she can do the running around for me. I know the girls want to go to the pool, so I need to go get a pool pass, and then I can turn all of them loose at the pool.

Can you believe that I actually bit my lip this weekend. When I say I bit my lip what I guess I am trying to say is that I did not speak my mind.

George is in the process of buying a new truck. I just don't think that she thought this all the way through. The truck payment is going to be half of her monthly pay. Then she still has to get insurance on it. Gas is $3.60 here. I so see it reaching $4.00 a gallon by summer. But I kept my mouth shut.

To be honest Rusty and I talked to George a few months ago. We try ed very hard to convince her to save up her money and pay cash for something. But she will not be the first young person to make this mistake.

Then this weekend Lewis brought his soon to be wife out here for a visit. She is a senior in high school. This gal is very nice and we all liked her, but I just wanted to shake her!

This gal is the same age as Amber and I can't picture Amber getting married as soon as she graduates from high school.

I got married right out of high school and I still feel like I missed outon so much. While everyone else was having fun and going to college, I was married and had a child on the way.

Anyway. I did not grab her and shake her. I just said nothing.

Today I have some stuff to do around here and then I need to go get the pool pass, and I have some sewing to get done. I am really hoping for a nice slow day.

Rusty is going to a cigar social after work, so it will be just me and the children for dinner. I am thinking something quick and easy.


rdautumnsage said...

Love the pictures. I know the feeling of wanting to shake someone senseless for getting married so young. My daughter did a year of college, now she's getting married at 20. Sigh... the thing is she will be a married woman waiting at home for over a year to even see her husband. She's too young to play the waiting matron. They finally have a date that her husband will be deployed , it's a definite for Sept. She's getting married in June. At least they will have a few months together before he goes off to Iraq. He's already been gone for weeks here and there in training sessions, so she's getting a good idea what she's in for. I think Skye realizes how lonely it is, she's been spending more time here with me on her days off work. I'm here for her....I just hope she's strong enough to deal with this long term. Missed you in my absence hon! (Hugs) Indigo

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like a good weekend.  I know what you mean about biting your tongue.  It is super hard when you see how things are going to be.

helmswondermom said...

Our kids are on Spring Break this week, too.  Love the pictures of the falls.

lv2trnscrb said...

pictures were great; I loved the title of your entry; made me laugh

I hope Spring Break goes well; it does help when they can drive, doesn't it? makes it quieter around the house too because they can go off on their own for a bit :)

you had a lot of self control not to say anything to George or Lewis/bride to be. I can't imagine getting married right out of high school; I mentored a girl in Montana before we moved, she was engaged in high school, I told her 2 things "we're going to pray about this and promise me if its the day of your wedding and you are even to the point of walking up the aisle and you know its a mistake, you walk away" she did promise me and thankfully (thank you Lord) the wedding got called off months after the engagement but months before planning the wedding! and that's all the negative things I said; the other times I just listened to her go over plans etc all the while thinking "you are too young"


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HGSOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad you had a good weekend.

gehi6 said...

I like the place where you were playing.  I have had so many great Easter holidays just getting out in the wilderness somewhere and communing a little with nature, but if that isn't possible a great backyard with pool and kids playing is good.  Gerry

plieck30 said...

Probably good that you bit your lip. She most likely wouldn't listen anyway. Your pictures are pretty. Paula

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, love the pictures !!!!!!!! Those beaver pics are cute,  Hugs Lisa

ukgal36 said...

great pics!