Monday, July 23, 2007

I got slammed

 Over the weekend I got slammed by someone that reads my journal. Someone that has never met me and has only been reading my for a few weeks now.

This person did bring up some questions, and incase anyone else is wondering I will tell everyone a little more about myself.

I am married to Rusty. Rusty took me in when I showed up on his door step homeless with two children. I had just ran from an abusive man. Rusty opened the door for me. Rusty and I lived together for years before we got married.

I have survived being beaten, watching children being beaten, and watching my husband flat line twice. I have survived deployments, the news announcing that my husband was once again sent into war.

I have survived having a handicap son, who no one wants to play with and a school system that just want to push him a side.

I have survived watching our friends go off to war, and I have rejoiced when then came home.

I send my children on trips around the world, not to get them out of my house, but because they need to go. Children need to know that there is more to this world then the little town where they have grown up. Children need to learn the meaning on "seize the day". Opportunity only knocks once so they better take the opportunity while they can.

Why do I let my house be a crash pad for marines? That is an easy one. I provide these marines a safe place to come. A place where they can come and talk about the horrors of war and not be judged. A place where we can all sit down and eat as a family. A place where everyone is equal and is important.

What people do not see is me crying and driving like a mad women when a marine is sick. Or when a marine say's "mom lets go for a drive, I need to talk". Rusty and I try very hard to share our experiences with the marines in hopes that they will learn from them. We give advice even when they do not want to hear it. Such as you better get your finances in order or do you want help making a budget.

People do not see the marine that drove up here and sat down next to me a just started crying. It turns out that he was waiting on a red cross message to be sent because his grandmother just passed away.

Do not judge us until you really know us.


lanurseprn said...

From what I have read you seem like such a good person. I can't imagine why anyone would "slam" you. Just ignore it. Don't worry about it. Apparently, some other people I read have been getting slammed lately too. The trolls (as they call 'em) are out.
Take care and just ignore it.

louiseb411 said...

Oh Kelli, I am so sorry about the "slamming". You dont have to explain anything to anybody there are just some very sad and spiteful people out there. Louise xx

springangel235 said...

The best way to handle people who slam anyone is to ignore them...Pam is right.  I know you are an awesome person...hope your week ahead is better than this day, and you can put it all behind you...many hugs and love,

nay0114 said...

Sorry someone judged you that way. I think it's awesome that all those boys (and yes I say BOYS some of these kids are very young to be handling so much .. my son has several friends who are marines and I can't even imagine what they have seen. One of my son's best friends has been to Iraq twice. I've had to listen to the worry in his mom's voice because she hasn't heard from him in two, three weeks and the relief when he finally is able to call home or get a word out somehow that he is okay.
How awful for that boy. My husband's maternal grandmother died while he was stationed in Germany and they wouldn't let him come home to say bye. As soon as she died, they gave him the leave to attend her funeral and he never got over that.
I personally think you're a great wife, mom and friend from what I've seen. You have been through a lot, but guess what it made you who you are and look at what a wonderful strong person that is.
Take care, Chrissie

julydarby said...

I got bit by a troll this weekend too... it's a price we pay for our honesty, Kelli, but don't let it get you down or make you feel like you have to justify your life or lifestyle. I think you have an enormous capacity to carry the burdens of others and therefore get hurt when someone judges you harshly... I am the same way... I can't stand the thought of offending anyone but as I *mature* I am learning that no matter what I do or how innocent my intentions that there will always be fault-finders waiting to point a finger at you. You are one of the true gems of Jland, one of the least pretentious and most real and honest people I read... and I read because of your openness, because I identify with that vulnerability. You make a difference in people's lives and you can do that because of the pain you suffered earlier in life. Trust me, I know... keep it up. Semper Fi.

helmswondermom said...

I don't think I can add anything to the previous comments.  Just don't let it get to you.  Most of us readers seem to be able to understand what you're all about, and even if we didn't, you don't really owe us any explanations.  I think it's obvious from what you write that you are a very loving, involved mom, friend and wife.  Take care!

cgtperkins said...

No one has the right to judge you or anyone else. They will pay the price for that one. I think you are a wonderful person, quite envious of you at times. You dont worry about those stupid trolls......screw them!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

You too? I'm so sorry. No one has the right to judge! was I and all of this just upsets are a great person and a good mom! I don't get it when people will do these kinds of things that do not walk in our shoes! {{{Kelli}}}

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTYOU))))))))))))))))))))))I cant stand people who do that.You are a good person,a loving,kind and caring person.They dont know you.I hope you have a good night.

lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwww Kelli, nobody has the right to judge you , you and Rusty are both wonderful people who have big hearts and you both set a good example for many, Big Hugs to you Lisa XO

am4039 said...

you have been through so much and you are a wonderful person, no one has a right to judge you or your journal. Hugs to you and know that you are very special.

gehi6 said...

I can't imagine why someone would want to slam you in your journal, but I suppose some people get enjoyment from cutting other people.  It seems that way.  To me there are a lot better ways to express disagreement.  I do think a thumbnail history is necessary from time to time to inform new readers.  Sorry you had to put up with this, too, on your return home.  Gerry

lifes2odd said...

I've never understood why people get into the slamming and back and forth arguments in their journals. Why can't they just go away of they don't like what they read? ::sigh::I think everyone who reads your journal knows the kind of person you are. I know few people who are as kind and giving to others as you are. Hope you won't let the slamming get to you. Hugs, Martha :-)

plieck30 said...

I'm late getting here but I just want to say I'm sorry someone saw fit to slam you. You have many good friends here who appreciate you and love you even though we don't know you personally. Paula

mpnaz58 said...

I just don't understand why people are so don't have to explain yourself to anyone, or justify what you do.  Its your life, and you run it as you see fit.  PERIOD!  Seems to be a lot of that "holier than thou" attitude on these boards.  You don't need it :)
x0x0 ~myra

deshelestraci said...

I seriously thought I had commented on this entry...oh well.  I will now.  As I said about Raven's Laments (she just had this same problem).  People, use the box with the x in it if you don't like what you read!  Don't slam the writer.  The writer didn't ask for your input.  If she did well that's different.  Goodness.