Monday, July 23, 2007

perfect day

Today was such a perfect day.

Amber helped me clean up the house. I have just about got all of the laundry done, and Rusty came home from work early. To top it off he even cooked dinner!

Amber and I were watching Oprah today we she started laughing. I looked over at her and asked why she was laughing so much. Amber said that while she was visiting her sperm donors mother she was asked if I still feed her raw vegi's. My ex's family thought I was a whack job because I would not feed my children any processed food. Amber just said " well I guess that is why I do not have a weight problem". I guess so.

I sat down today and did some sewing. I am still making blankets for the animals at the shelter. Once Rusty gets paid I need to go buy a ton a material. One of the marines has a birthday next month, and we are going to be going to 29 palm where another marine is. Then Ambers Sam has a birthday! I am going to try like hell to get all of them done. If you don't hear from for a few days please send in a rescue crew.

I think I am going to send my evening swing on the front porch. Or maybe I will just go lay in the hammock. Whatever I decide I know that I am going to chill for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow Amber has to go take her driving test. I so hope that she passes it. It would make my life so much easier. I will no longer have to drive her to work and then go pick her up. I did have to remind Amber that she will not be driving to school since we live three blocks from the school. I also had to remind her that the car is still ours until we give her the title.

I think I am going to take the kittens back on Monday. One of the kittens will have to stay for a few more weeks since she is not big enough yet. Rusty asked if we could go for a few weeks with out fostering any kittens. Rusty said "I just want a calm house with no one under foot" I laughed and asked him when the last time he had that was. After a long silence he said before he had children! I say we sell the children and keep the cats! Rusty did agree to that one.

Good night



lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad you had a perfect day, I'll miss you when I'm gone, Hugs Lisa

plieck30 said...

Good luck to Amber on her driving test 'cause if she has good luck its also good luck for you. lol Paula

lanurseprn said...

I hope you have a relaxing evening.

lifes2odd said...

Ahhh, a perfect day -- I see you didn't let the stuff from the last entry bother you in the least :-)
Good luck to Amber on the driving test!
Hope the rest of your evening has been as perfect as the first part of the day!
Martha :-)

cgtperkins said...

Im so glad you had such a great day!! I hope the evening continues to be perfect!!

loverobin32 said...

I have tried reading back as far as I could one night on your the time I got through I was exhausted just thinking of everything you do for so many. My kiddos are grown and out of the house and its just me and the hubby and our baby doggie. I did have a house full of drunken Sailors a few times but my furniture barely survived it, so I back away from that ideal. I just love how you handle every situation thrown your way. You really are a hero in many eyes! Huggs

louiseb411 said...

Good luck to Amber! Glad you had a good day. Take care Louise xx

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((HUGSTOYOu))))))))))))))))))))I am glad you had a great day.Hope the rest of your week is like that.

deshelestraci said...

So funny about your ex-mil.  People have weird ideas about food don't they?  And what is considered good parenting.  Good luck on the driver's license test!  I hope she passes!

seraphoflove9001 said...

You needed a good day. :o) MIL is something! lol btw...I love the bottom graphic! So true. :o)

helmswondermom said...

Nice entry!

gehi6 said...

I guess Amber did get her license when she wsa proudly showing off a few entries up.  That's always a relief.  Glad you have perfect days, too.  Some peoplle cannot recognize when they have perfect days!  Gerry