Friday, July 27, 2007

yes it is friday!

Shhh, you can come on in, just be very quiet . Our friend Beth ( another marine) had eye surgery yesterday, so she is recovering here. Poor girl, she was in a lot of pain until her pain pills kick in. Now she rest with some frozen vegi's on her eyes.

The other Marine that was sick is doing much better. I am so glad about that.

Amber and her boyfriend Sam were in a car accident yesterday. Sam was driving is dads car so there was no damage to our daughter or our car. Amber has a bruised elbow and that is it. Sam however would not speak to Amber last night. He just kept saying " I could have killed you". I told Amber to give him time and to not take it personally. Sam will speak her again. I think he was in shock last night.

Nikki called today and she said " mom I saw so many dragonfly's yesterday and I was thinking about you. Are you o.k.?" ( I love dragonfly's) I told her that I was fine and that I was thinking of her yesterday. I so miss her. I guess that will never change. I should be use to her being gone but I am not. I can't say well just stay at home so I won't miss you. So I will miss her when she's gone and love her to death when she is here.

I started filling out Nikkis school form for this year. Rusty and were talking about what we are going to do with Nikki over the next few years. Nikki will 19 while still a senior in high school. I us to home school the children and when I went to enroll them in school they thought that she would be  "behind" because she was home schooled. idiots! I am thinking about pulling Nikki from school and letting her take all of her classes on line through BYU. This way she can get both high school and college credit for the classes and she wont have to take the other crap that will not help her at all. The only thing is she has to be 16 before we can start BYU. Nikki wants me to pull her from school right now!

Yesterday was so strange for me. As soon as Rusty walked in we could not keep our hands off of each other. It was just one of days when we both wanted to be very close to each. What can I say? My husband still turns me on!

Today I am going to just hang around the house. I want to be here in case Beth needs anything.


cgtperkins said...

I had thought about homeschooling Rachel a while back but I just dont think I would have been a very good teacher. I am glad to hear your friend is doing better.....both of them! Have a great weekend.

louiseb411 said...

Glad you had a fun day yesterday also glad your friends are on the mend. Hope the sparks are still flying today!!! Louise x

lanurseprn said...

If you've got the patience to homeschool I admire you. I don't think I could do it. I remember high school being such a waste of time!
Hope you have a good day.

loverobin32 said...

I am just blown over at the kindness that you have for others....I wish that I could find your strength to allow others in as you are such a wonderful woman...I am so proud to have found your journal....You inspire me! Hugggs Robin

plieck30 said...

Glad Amber and her bf weren't hurt and glad the marine is doing better and wish the one with veggies on her eyes well and you and Rusty need to go to the lake ALONE. Paula

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOu))))))))))))))))))))I am glad Amber and Sam are ok and didnt get hurt.I am glad that the one Marine is doing better and I hope and pray that the Marine is feeling better with Her eyes.nothing worng with loving eachother like you and your Husband do.That is nice to hear.Have a nice friday.

hsauls said...

I missssss my hussssband!!!!! He called earlier and I just cried... he's coming home next weekend. *sigh*

lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli, Hey!
I fianlly got back in the blog arena! geat entry Kelli!
I am so sorry about Amber and Sam being in that accident, but I agree, we should be soooooo grateful that theyare totally ok!
totally cool! you know!
I love it when you write about your family!

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, awesome tag !!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad Amber is ok, sweet about Nikki thinking about you seeing the butterflies., Have a great weekend, Hugs Lisa

nay0114 said...

Ouch eye surgery. Glad to here they are getting better.
OMGosh sorry about your daughter glad she was okay. It does kinda jerk you up when that happens.
I love dragonflys too. Glad to hear she's have a great time on her trip.
WooHoo glad you guys still miss each other.. thats wonderful. That's how it is suppose to be.
Take care, Chrissie

fourpineapples said...

From someone who graduated from high school just a year ago, I'd say get your daughter out if she's willing to take her classes online. The social part of school is important, of course, but you can still have a social life without being at a regular school. A good education is probably one of the most important things to give your kids! I know I would have been happier and gotten through school faster if I'd known how to take my classes online.

gehi6 said...

Well, this was a nice positive ending to an interesting entry.  I do so like women who can love their husbands with a lot of enthusiasm.  I think it speaks well for their dispositions, characters, and intelligence.  I just like it.  Gerry

springangel235 said...

Hope your friend will be pain free soon..from the eye surgery.  And prayers to the others too.  What a nice and hubby sound like myself and mine.  Hope you have a lovely weekend...hugs and love,

seraphoflove9001 said...

I think thats a good idea to take her out of school....espcially if she can get collage credits too. :o) I'm the same way with my matter how old they are, I miss them! :o) You and Rusty are a great couple! :o)

deshelestraci said...

Y'all sound like the Walter Reed hospital for the Marines!  Super glad Amber and Sam were ok!  

helmswondermom said...

I am so glad Amber and Sam were not hurt.  I think it's good that it affected Sam the way it did; it's good to take things like that seriously, even when there was no fault.  As for Nikki, I hope you can find a solution that works for all of you.  If she really wants you to take her out now, it would probably be best to do it.