Thursday, August 23, 2007

virgins rocks

Our daughter Nikki is the most like me when it comes to expressing herself. We are both very loud and in your face. So someone gave Nikki a t shirt that made my jaw drop and then I started laughing and then I told her to wear it with pride.

The front of the shirt said virgins rock. The back of the shirt say " I am loving my husband and I do even know him yet".

Well, yesterday Nikki wore it to school. I thought that I would have to take a new shirt up to her, because lets face it we can't offend anyone. Not a word was said about her shirt! Go Nikki!

The IEP meeting went very well this morning. The school system will find out on Friday if they are going to have another life skills class starting at another school. If they do then Ryan will get the class that he is suppose to be in and there will only be 4 other children in his class. There will also be two aids in his class room. I am not jumping for joy yet. Lets face it we are talking about our public school system and I will not believe anything until I see it!

I have already been to walmart, so all of my running around for the day is done. I am so thankful for that.

Oh hold on I have to find another play list. I hate being with out music. O.K. I put on the beach boys.

Where was I..... oh so I have all of my running done. It has finally cooled down into the high 90's, so I think I am going to go pull all of my sunflower's and trim up the rose bushes. I have neglected everything because it has just been way to hot to be out working in the yard.

o.k. I have gotten questions in the past about how I make quilts. It is kinda hard to explain in writing but I will give it a shot.

First I watched my late mother in law make a quilt. That was when I knew that I could do it. I have had no formal training or even read a book on it. It just go for it. If it does not turn out then I just take it apart and do it again.

I use cotten 99% of the time. If I making a quilt for someone I know I try to find material that they would like. I also buy material when it is on sale and I stash it.

I use low loft batting. I do not do hand stitch any designs because I do not have the time for it. So I just tie them off.

There are a few rules in our house when it comes to quilting.

1. I should never show Rusty any of material find. He just looks at me with a blank stare.

2. I can buy all the material that I can hide.

3. I must show Rusty all of the finished quilts. Rusty just loves seeing my latest creation.

This is a picture of my first ever scrap quilt. I saved all of my scraps for about two years and I sewed this quilt. I LOVE this quilt. It is like crawling under a big memory. I can look at every scrap and remember what I made out of it.

The pet quilts that I make, are made out of any big scraps and any left over batting. waste not want not.

O.K. I need to get to the yard work, and I have finish my second play list, so I know it is time to get off.


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I love what Nikki's shirt says, that quilt is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

Love the shirt! I've never seen that one.
Your quilt is so pretty! You are lucky to have that talent. Do you handsew them?

nay0114 said...

I use to love to quilt, but then I had kids and gave it up. My first quilt  and supplies are packed up. I made it when my son was two..20yrs ago.
I've never seen one of those shirts. Good for her.
Take care, Chrissie

amiragabrielle said...

Tears come to my eyes. My Grandma Howard use to have a room she quilted in. I have a piece quilt of hers. I am so glad, I know someone who is still quilting. I lost everything a few years back including the quits she pieced for me. I still have one she made me when I was 10 years old. You are so talented and have such a big heart.


plieck30 said...

My mama had quilting frames in her dining room. When she wasn't useing them she could roll them up the the ceiling out of ther way. She helped me do two quilts for me before I got married but I didn't like it that well so i never made anymore. There were ladies in my home town who got together to quilt and chat and love it. Your's are pretty. Paula

rdautumnsage said...

Glad Nikki was able to wear her shirt and make a statement! Love the quilts and the rules for them as well. What the guys don't know, won't hurt them. Doc is so vacant when it comes to stuff around the house. He'll ask me how long have we had that for. Oh it's always been there. He walks away shaking his head. What I meant to say was doesn't it look like it's always been there. He's a musician so anything beyond guitars is up for grabs. (He teaches guitar lessons too, so yeah seriously guitars and more guitars Lol). (Hugs) Indigo

loverobin32 said...

I just love quilts...would never even attempt to make one. Hugggs, Robin

seraphoflove9001 said...

I love that quilt! You're good! :o) I have saved scraps for a few years now and am ready to get one made. :o) You go girl! :o)

deshelestraci said...

Love the tshirt.  Your daughter is a trip.  I have made one quilt that I haven't even finished!  So pitiful.  Your quilts have great purpose.

helmswondermom said...

My mother has always been a quilter, like her mother before her.  I love scrap quilts and crazy quilts more than patterned quilts.  You should take pride in the ones you make.
I'm so glad the IEP meeting went well, and I hope all works out well in the end.

gehi6 said...

I love your first quilt.  Yes, quilts hold memories for me, too.  I wore a quilt my sister gave me to tatters.  I could not sleep in the winter without that quilt.  Now I got another one she made, the same.  I think guilters are able to give some of the most memorable gifts there can be.  My sister sent my new great grandson a baby quilt.  More than likely he will get attached to that blanky as others have done. This quilt makes a georgeous photo.   Gerry