Monday, August 27, 2007

Yes it is monday

Well I have made it through the weekend. I just went back and read the entry I made on Friday. Man it was bad. I left out so many words. I guess that is what happens when your mind is going faster then your fingers can type. Oh well.

On Saturday I got a package from my mom. I told my friend Beth that these are my dads ashes. Beth just looked at me. I opened the box and sure enough there were necklaces for all of us with dad's ashes in these little urns. I sometimes think it is creepy that I can just things. Anyway I put my urn on. Beth thought it was creepy that I was wearing my dead dad's ashes.

We had a mild weekend. Nothing to exciting went on.

We were all sitting around the smoking room talking about sex toys. I mentioned that I still want to get a sex swing and mount it above our bed. That way if Rusty falls off he won't break a hip. One of our friends said " Well in case you did not know this your husband does not work part time at Cirque Du Soleil!" I had to laugh. I would hate to be the 911 operator when I place that call. " well my husband fell off the sex swing. Oh his leg is still stuck behind his head!

I must say that when I wrote my entry on Friday I really opened myself up. I was wondered if people would think I was a bad person for praying for my dads death. I am glad that I am not alone on that issue.

This week should be a very mild week. Then the long weekend will hit. I think the marines are going to be here for something like five days! I can't wait. We always have fun on the long weekends.

The bread smells so good! Oh I got up early and made bread. I wanted to get the bread in the oven before it got to hot.

Yesterday we got teased. We actually had storm clouds with lightening and thunder! But we got no rain. I so want some rain! POUT POUT.

The marines asked me when I was going to get some more kittens in. So I am going to call the shelter today and see if they have any more kittens. I am telling you these marines are the biggest babies I have ever seen!

Well, I need to get busy and start my normal Monday routine.




lisa41076 said...

Kelli, have a good Monday, Hugs Lisa

lifes2odd said...

Send me over some of that fresh bread please!
Have a great week! Martha :-)

loverobin32 said...

I actually have seen those type of neckless before. I wanted to do something like that but my parents have told me flat out no. Not sure why but I respect their wishes I guess. Homemade bread...can we say YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Hugggs, Robin

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))I think its cute that the Marines are cute babies when it comes to wanting anaimals.I would love to write to one of them or all of them.I lvoe home made bread.HAve a nice evening.My Pyter is stil not done,I still keep calling and someone is going to call me when its ready,its alrady been over a week.Bummer.

julydarby said...

I want to come out and play with the marines and the kittens over the long holiday weekend!
I just served notice to my husband that he better come ready to put out this weekend that I was in need of some marital attention... conjugal visits being as far apart as they are and my stress level being as high as it is. I doubt he'd go for a swing though...
But hey... you're married and over 18... whatever puts a smile on your face!

cgtperkins said...

No one should think it was bad for you to pray for your dads death......!!! Im just glad he got to see you before he left this world. Hope you have had a great Monday.

plieck30 said...

I think everyone understood you didn't want your Dad to suffer. You bake bread too? What a girl! Paula

seraphoflove9001 said...

I don't think you are a bad person at all. I've never heard of those kinds of necklaces before. I'm glad your weekend was calm for you as well. :o) Many hugs.

louiseb411 said...

Hi, yum your bread smells nice! I am sure you will bring Rusty around to your swing idea, Louise x

deshelestraci said...

You are sure not alone in wanting a loved one to go ahead and pass.  My aunt drove us all nuts with this.  My grandfather didn't linger very long - about two weeks.  But just long enough to make us so sad for him.  He was in pain and disoriented.  Several times she told him he could go ahead and let go, it was ok.  Then she looked at me and said you tell him.  He isn't listening to me!  OH MY WORD.  Rough days let me tell you.  Makes me cry typing it.  I don't know what she was thinking, that he would just give up right there?!  
The sex swing.  Oh my goodness you are a riot.

amyrangei said...

Love that picture!  Sex swing?  LOL

fairylaura said...

Hello. Browsing by. I saw your journal though a friend. Hope you don't mind.


rdautumnsage said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful that you carry a part of your dad in a necklace around your neck. It gives you a sense of him being there with you in presence as well as spiritually. I had a chuckle about the sex swing. You are my hero getting kittens form a shelter. I'm going to write an entry either today or tomorrow. One of the things I do is take in strays and rehome them. I've had one hell of a set back that has me close to tears, anyhow I'm going to write about it. (Hugs) Indigo

gehi6 said...

Another so apropos graphic  I just got to show this to Doc.  That bear looks just like he looked yesterday and today.  I will have to check and see if he is still alive in the morning. I never had any acqaintence with ashes of the deceased untl Pierre died and then I noticed that people did the strangest things with ashes.  Doc said that I was weird to keep Pierre's in a blue box a year after hehad passed, but I just couldn't see tossing them into the saguaro when he hated Arizona.  He loved Big Bear!  So I ws trying to think who I could send them to who might scatter them in Big Bear.  They did end up in Calif.  in an urn with his ex-wifes becasue he sold them to her for $700 but we never got the money, so I refused to send her the ashes until Doc came along and was so spooked by these ashes I asked if she wanted them still.  She did.   Gerry  

lanurseprn said...

When my Mom was very sick and almost gone, I used to pray for God to take her quickly. He didn't though. I never understood that one. It was so sad.

Sex swing?? OMG LOL! I can't imagine! You crack me up girl!