Wednesday, May 28, 2008

lions do it

If lions can eat their young then why can't we?

Amber tells me yesterday that she will need dinners for the week because she is working a lot. Oh and that she is almost out of gas.

So I had Amber meet me at the 99 cent only store. I bought her some frozen dinners for the rest of the week. Now this is a big step for Amber because the other time I offered to buy her dinner at the 99cent store she turned her nose up. So I told her to buy her own damn dinner then. Well she found out that fast food gets expensive quick.

Then it is off to the gas station. We get there and I try to use my atm card. The gas stations atm machines are not working, so it was a cash only day. I did not have cash. I told Amber to go to work and that I would give her money for gas later.

Not more then two minutes later Amber calls and says well I made it to work, but the car ran out of gas as soon as I pulled into the parking spot. I told her that I would deal with that later.

I had gotten a test from Nikki earlier in the day saying that her phone had been cut off. O.K. I knew that it was over due and I was going to pay it on Friday but I guess I am paying it now.

So off to the att store to pay Nikkis bill. I almost fell over when I found out that her bill was $380! It seems that this child loves to talk a lot.

\Now I have to run to the other side of town to pick Nikki up and give her an ear full. Then it was back to the other side of town to get a gas can for Amber.

I go to the garage and there are three gas cans there. So I start sniffing them. Is this gas? I could not tell, so I grabbed the empty one.

Back to the gas station we go. I think the gas pumps should at least play porn while we are getting screwed just for buying gas.

Back to Ambers work. Nikki puts the gas in Ambers car while I go in to give Amber $40.

I do more running around and come home and throw burgers and dogs on the grill. Finally I am done and I can sit and watch the deadliest catch.

Then Amber walks in and says that the $40 I gave her did not fill her tank. What?! Amber drives a little 4 banger Chevy cavalier. I told her that it must really suck to be her because she is on her own for buying gas from now on.

Nikki gets in from youth group and says "What you did not cook dinner? I don't want a hotdog."

I said " then you should have been here when dinner came off the grill. Cook something else or go hungry. I don't care."

Oh I so want to eat my children.

There was a very bright spot in my day. Nelishia from sent me this really cool tea pot. It has a sewing machine and a cat on it! Thank you so much for my surprise!

I think everything else that is left in the house is going to the good will. I am so sick of this move.

OH! A few other things that I forgot to mention have happened. I am getting cash for key! I asked for $1,850 and the guy said that he could get me $1,500 but that he will try for more! Yes. finally something has gone our way.

As for my blown tire. I did not run anything over. The tire was dry rotted! Rusty is just so happy to know that my tires are rotting instead of wearing them out. I guess that proves that I am a house rat after all.

However the whole tire thing did cause that vein to bulge again.


lsfp1960 said...

Maybe you can get some new tires with the "key" money. Yes kids can be trying sometimes...but believe me...onece they're gone and out on their miss them.  I'd give anything to have mine back under my roof again but they are 46 & 36 and that just ain't going to happen. Happy to hear the move is almost complete.  I'll get that card in the mail this weekend.   Linda in Wshington state

deshelestraci said...

Your day sounds like mine.  I was getting back to the house from paying my very late nearly cut off electric bill which leaves me with $11 in the bank, when I saw a truck in my driveway.  Dude who we have an exterminating contract with was waiting for me.  Seems he wants to be paid or something.  I kept driving.  Waited til he left.  Ran into my friend and her kids at the end of the road.  Seems she was doing the same thing (electric bill paying).  But what is worse is that she found out her hubby just got laid off.

lv2trnscrb said...

there's something to be said about those lions; eat their young and in a few weeks there's no evidence of the young any more in the lion's body; a nice clean crime if you ask me! next time Nicci asks what's for dinner if you are grilling, you can say "Amber". seriously, I know you love your kids!!

glad you got some money out of this whole moving deal though!! Take whatever you can get and run with it and don't look back

my kid used to always go over his texting limit on his cell phone or text someone not on our plan; finally got him unlimited texting with whoever he wants, no matter what cell phone service; otherwise his bills would catch us by surprise at times


cgtperkins said...

Hey thats great about you getting cash for!!! You sound like you have had quite a busy time...LOL and lots of running around lately!!

nelishianatl said...

I am so glad it arrived ok and you liked it as I'd hoped.  How could I resist when you sew lap quilts for the military folks and rescue cats to.  

Regarding eating your young, I say go for it.  I swear they taste just like chicken.  




lisa41076 said...

Kelli, love your lion graphic, lol about eating your young, Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

You've been BUSY!!! LOL on eating our children. Too funny! Hope you have a restful night.

springangel235 said...

I am exhausted at your  I tell my family I am not a short order is eat what I cook or cook your own.  Hope today is a better day...hugs and love,

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))I am sorry you had a not so good of a day.Your kids need to relize how much you do for them and how much you do for others.I hope you have a relaxing day.By the way,I would like to send you a card,I think I had your addy once,if its ok,can I have it again?I could give you mine.If its ok.Have a nice day.

momiscool2 said...

LOL eating the children

There have been many many times I would like to do that!! lol



glensfork4 said...

You had a hell wonder we want to eat our own.


gehi6 said...

I am still trying to get over Nikki's cell phone bill. It is no wonder you are should we say aggravated.  Gas price blues are here, and I am so glad I ride the bus.  I did a good thing when I got rid of my car 10 years ago.  I know that children who have been chauffered do not know how to ride a bus or won't.  I was poor with Dan but he would rather walk than ride the bus.  He is still walking and not riding the bus. I am so glad my children are grown.  Your stories bring back memories.  But the surprise present from Nelishia sounds cute.  Gerry