Tuesday, March 13, 2007

everyone is home

Right now in my house there is a bond going on  that I will never understand. There are a group of Marines standing around the back yard laughing and telling war stories. I will never be able to be involved in their conversations. I will never be able to say, I remember when. I will never know the bond that the marines share. I will forever only be able to look in and wonder what it is like to have that bond. Sometimes I feel that I am on the outside looking in.

However, from time to time each one of these marines have has come up to me today and has thanked me for opening our home up to them. Maybe someday when they are old and their are telling stories to their children, maybe they will look back and smile, and remember me.

Yesterday our friend Beth came home. A marine named Manny went up to March Air Reserve Base with us. Manny told me that he had never been on the welcoming end of the troops coming home, and that he thought it was nice. Then we got down to Pendleton Manny got to watch us storm past some marines and run up to Beth.

Beth brought a friend back to our place and his name is Chris. On the way home Chris said "Thank you for allowing me to go back to your place. That is really nice of you". I just looked over at Manny and said " Now you know why we do what we do". Manny just smiled.

Today our Friends Jake and C.J. came in. They came into a different base so we were not not able to greet them as the left the air station, however we were there waiting on them to get off the buses. As soon as I saw Jake I just screamed his name and ran to him. I actually jumped on him! Then we went to look for C.J. and we finally found him.

My home is such a mess. I have gear everywhere, but that is o.k. I would rather see my house a mess then to not have our friends home.

Well..... I am going to go attempt to clean something, but I have a feeling that it is pointless! LOL


beckerb6 said...

I am so glad that you are able to open your home to our Marines. God bless all of you.

goodwilltramp said...

Hell Yeah!  I am so excited to see everyone.    I can hardly wait.  I will be drunk the whole time....   I miss you guys.     And when I'm old Kelli,  you will be right there with me...I will be pushing your wheel chair of course...but even so.   Cheers.....

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, glad everyone is home safe, Hugs Lisa

hsauls said...

You are becoming as much a part of history as the men and women who serve... some soldiers don't wear a uniform and go to a battlefield... some soldiers use their talents as a wife, mother, sister and friend to provide welcoming arms for those returning from battle. Your role is no less important. Enjoy your time and give them all huge hugs from me!

ukgal36 said...

Kelli you make me so proud..everyone has a part in this and you are certainly doing yours I may be a navy wife but Semper Fi baby!!!!!
P.S. Please tel the guys and gal..;-) Welcome home from me and thank you.

helmswondermom said...

You're doing something very special!

bethjunebug said...

You make me proud Kelli!! I would be doing exactly what you are. Cooking up a storm too. I would be making all of there favorites to eat. Tell them all we love them and appreciate them for what they do for our country, here in Virginia!! Give them each a hug and kiss from me!
God Bless,
Liz in Va.

gehi6 said...

Touching pictures.  I think this is so kind of you to welcome these soldiers into your home.  My son Dan is always having a navy buddy fly in, and they have such a good time recalling life on the ship and sailing the seven seas.  (He was in the navy 7 years)  Dan is the only one of my 3 sons to be in the military so that brings a different awareness into the family.  Srving in this war is so rough.  It is a constant worry for many.  I am glad to come and read your blog to know they have not been forgotten.  Gerry

kasee267 said...

Am so glad everyone is home. We are getting ready to send one over there soon.